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Injections in the Shoulder

Injections in the shoulder joint are commonly given for frozen shoulder and sub-acromial bursitis or impingement.

The substance used in the injection is a corticosteroid which is a strong anti-inflammatory medication. There are no harmful effects of corticosteroid as it is given locally and the patient may require only one shot to relieve form the pain.

Corticosteroid injection along with physiotherapy is the main stay of treatment for frozen shoulder and to an extent for the sub-acromial pain.

Arthrocentesis shoulder

Gleno-Humeral Injections
subacromial injection
subacromial bursa
Sub-Acromial Injections

This is done as an outpatient procedure in the clinic. Post procedure there may be mild discomfort and ice application is mandatory.
Physiotherapy should be started from the very next day to get the maximum range of movement at the earliest.

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