Integration of ESG and Climate Risks in Investment Management

Imperial College Business School, Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis & Ping An Technology

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Ping An Reports YoY Growth of 8.9% in Operating Profit Attributable lớn Shareholders of the Parent Company in Q.1 2021
Pan Financial Assets Ping An’s pan financial assets strategy is focused on enhancing the unique và efficiency of integrated financial services through our financial business Mã Sản Phẩm of "one customer, multiple products and one-stop services."

Pan Health Care

Ping An’s pan health care strategy focuses on the working with the range of market participants, from the service providers – including medical and health management institutions, pharmaceutical and medical device companies và primary care providers – to the payers – including social health insurance, private insurance and individuals. As China’s health insurance industry matures, Ping An will play a leading role in developing and offering private health insurance products and services lớn alleviate the burden on social health insurance & individuals.

Finance + Technology

Ping An employs technologies khổng lồ improve sầu efficiency, enhance risk management & cut operating costs of its financial businesses. In recent years, Ping An has surpassed most international financial institutions in the number of technology patent applications. Ping An has also won multiple awards in a number of công nghệ sectors, including artificial intelligence (AI) & blockchain. Through robust data-driven operations, Ping An anticipates trends, makes timely decisions, and takes action ahead of others.

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Finance + Ecosystem

Ping An shares leading innovative sầu products và services with others khổng lồ develop and empower business ecosystems with advanced technologies.

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Ping An is actively exploring “technological empowerment, ecosystem-based growth, & ESG-driven development”
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