An khe tra vang (a sack of gold for star

Once upon a time there were two brothers who divided an inheritance at the death of their parents. The elder, greedy và stingy, took all the wealth & left khổng lồ his younger brother and his wife only a dilapidated hut and and a star fruit tree with juicy but stunted fruits. But the two younger spouses hardly complained and were contented with this meager chia sẻ. They took care of their star fruit tree và watered it in such a way that the tree took back it vigor & bore lots of fruits. When the star fruits began khổng lồ ripe, a extraordinarily large raven came every morning khổng lồ eat them. No matter what they did, it was impossible for the couple lớn chase the bird away. Chargined, the wife lamented: » Poor us. As poor as we are, the only thing we count much on was what that star fruit tree brings us; now look, this bird ravaged it all. We will probably know starvation ». Miracle! The raven upon hearing those lamentations, perched down và replied in a human voice: » Star fruits I eat, with gold I pay, be ready with a three-foot bag and follow me to lớn get it ».

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Afraid the woman ran in the hut to look for her husbvà. They discussed & decided to lớn sew the bag according khổng lồ the indicated kích thước, waiting for the return of the bird. A few days later, the bird came baông chồng, ate all the star fruits then got down from the tree to lớn invite the husb& to lớn take a seat on its bachồng with the bag. Then they disappeared together in the horizon. Frightened, the younger brother closed his eyes. The bird took hyên ổn very far before landing on a deserted island, full of precious stones. He was không tính tiền to take whatever he could.

He filled the bag and the raven took hyên ổn baông chồng lớn his trang chủ. From then on, the couple knew opulence, lived in luxury places. They often gave help to lớn the poor. On the occasion of the commemoration of his parents’ death, the couple invited the elder brother to lớn come over. Full of despise of his younger brother, the elder look for a pretext to decline & aksed that the younger carpet the road with mats and adorn the gate with gold if he wanted khổng lồ receive sầu him. Respectful of his elder brother, the younger complied with the latter’s wish. The elder brother & his wife were surprised to see the younger couple’s opulence & wealth. Curious, the elder skillfully tried lớn penetrate the mystery. His younger brother, honest & frank, did not hesitate to lớn tell hyên the story of the giant raven that took hyên lớn look for gold.

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The elder couple proposed an exchange of their fortune for only the hut and the star fruit tree. The younger agreed. One day, the raven came baông xã to eat the star fruits & gave the same recommendation: a three-foot bag lớn go looking for gold. The elder greedy and curious, brought with hyên two big six-foot bags and when on the spot, filled them with gold. On the way bachồng, burdened by the overweight of of the two bags, the raven who could not hold any longer, swayed & sent the elder khổng lồ the sea where he drowned. The elder was the object of much despise when people knew about his greed & stinginess. God always helps good people & always punishes naughty people.

The golden star fruit tree

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