An Operating System Wasn'T Found Solved

Some times while trying to lớn boot Windows, you receive Boot Error: An operating system wasn’t found. Try disconnecting any drives that don’t contain an operating system. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del lớn restart. Especially after Windows 10 nâng cấp, BIOS update, Cloned your hard drive sầu to lớn another disk or persize a system restore you may encounter this error. Well, the most probable culprit behind this problem is missing BOOTMGR tệp tin at the root directory of System Reserved Partition. Again corruption of system files also causes critical to lớn the proper functioning of Windows.

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1 An operating system wasn’t found windows 10

An operating system wasn’t found windows 10

If you are also struggling with similar problem, here we have sầu different solutions apply khổng lồ fix an operating system wasn’t found Error permanently.

Start with basic disconnect All connected external devices such as printer, scanner, external HDD etc và restart PC check if windows boot normally.

If you are Laptop users simply remove the battery,Press và hold the power button for 30sec.Now only Connect the power supply and power on the laptop,Chechồng if windows start normally.

Set Hard Disk As first boot device

Access BIOS setup utility screen using del, F2, F12 or Esc while boot process,Move sầu to lớn Boot options using arrow key,Here change the 1st boot device as your internal HDD.Press F10 to lớn save this will Restart windowsNow kiểm tra if Windows boot normally.

Persize Windows Startup Repair

Perkhung windows startup repair, help with diagnose & fix the problems prsự kiện windows start normally. As windows won’t start normally, we need boot from an installation truyền thông, If you Don’t read How To Create Windows 10 Installation truyền thông. windows 

Let’s start PC from Windows i0 Installation truyền thông media,Skip the first screen và clichồng Next.Now on the next screen select Repair your computer.

This will restart windows now next clichồng Troubleshoot –> Advanced options –> Startup Repair.


Wait while Windows diagnosing and fix problems. When the Startup Repair is completed this will automatically Restart windows & try lớn boot in Windows normally.

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Repair Corrupted Boot Files

Still having problems, startup repair unable to fix the same? don’t worry let’s repair the boot tệp tin that probably helps fix most of Windows 10 boot problems.

This time click on comm& prompt,Here At the command prompt window, type comm& diskpart & hit enter key lớn open DISKPART utility.Now type menu disk and hit enter key to lớn find out if your disk is phối lớn GPT or MBR partition.


Look at the GPT column to lớn see if it has an asterisk (*).

– If you see an asterisk (*), that means that your disk’s Partition Table is GPT.

– If you don’t see an asterisk, that means that your disk’s Partition Table is MBR.

Now Fallow bellow We have sầu two Different solutions for different partitions. (MBR Partition table & GPT Partition Table)

Fix Boot Files on MBR Partition Table

Note: if you have GPT partition skip this and Fallow next step

Find out the Drive letter where windows installed. You can bởi this by type command type list volume và hit the enter key. you will notice the Drive letter where windows is installed as Boot.

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Now When you find out which drive sầu contains the Windows folder, (For me its drive “C:”), give the following commvà khổng lồ create the boot files on that drive sầu và press Enter.

bcdboot C:Windows /S C:

* Note: If Windows is located on a different drive sầu, change the letter C with that drive letter.

After execute the command Again open DISKPART utility by type comm& diskpart and hit enter key. Here on disk part utility type danh mục disk press enter key. Select the disk letter by using command select disk 0 

Type Fallowing commands one by one as per instructed bellow

danh mục volumeselect volume 3 (Here select the volume number which contains the Windows operating system)active

Type exit to lớn cthua trận the DISKPART tool, that’s all now remove the installation truyền thông và reboot your computer.

Fix Boot Files on GPT Partition Table

If you have the GPT partition Table fallow bellow.

Type diskpart and hit enter lớn open the diskpart utility and type bellow command.

các mục disk

select disk 0 ( Select the disk number ).

Next type commvà danh mục partition và hit enter key.

Here Find out which Partition is labeled as System, and Select the System partition by type bellow command

select partition X (Where “X “is the number of the partition labeled as System. e.g. “4”).

Assign a drive letter (e.g. the letter “H”) lớn the System partition by typing the following comm& and press Enter: *

assign letter=H:

* Note: If the drive letter “H” is already used, then give the next drive letter in alphabet.

type exit & press Enter to lớn cthua trận DISKPART tool.

Again Type Bellow commands one by one

cd /d H:EFIMicrosoftBootren BCD BCD.bakbcdboot C:Windows /l en-us /s m: /f UEFI

Note: Change the letter “H” if you have sầu assigned a different drive letter lớn the System partition.

That’s all Remove sầu installation truyền thông và Now Close all Windows, reboot your computer. Cheông xã the problem solved.

If all the above sầu methods failed then the check by performing windows clean installation.

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