Trop translates the ancient rainy rooftops of shaoxing into 'an villa'

shanghai-based practice TROP: terrains + open space completes its ‘an villa’ in shaoxing, a đô thị along the south of china’s yangtze river. here, visitors can get lost in a network of alleys, bridges, & canals. the built fabric of the area is defined by its irrigation system và its ancient rooftops clad with overlapping tiles — elements which drove sầu the kiến thiết of the contemporary villa.

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drawing inspiration from this architectural technique, the design team at TROP creates a water feature at the ‘arrival court.’ the delicate roof structure not only captures the essence of the ancient roof but also highlights the architectural history of shaoxing. by creating a rain-like effect, this artistic installation becomes the ‘pride & pleasure’ of shaoxing heritage.

image © DID studio

the atmosphere of ‘an villa’

with the thiết kế of its ‘an villa,’ TROPhường. (see more here) also took inspiration is from the environment of shaoxing. paying cthua thảm attention to lớn the relationship between the rooftops & water runoff, the team acknowledged the way the roofs direct water through the gutters, managing rainwater throughout the whole city. the current city of shaoxing sees a lot of rain every year, sometimes resulting in flooding. the project marks a celebration of this rainwater management.

the thiết kế team notes the importance of rain as a defining characteristic of the area, that children ‘can never forget the scene of rain hitting the eave. every over of summer follows a rainy season. after dripping from eaves for a few days, the summer fades away swiftly. ‘rain beating the eaves’ carries the memory of the season for generations who live sầu in jiangnan.

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in celebration of the rainy thành phố, TROP: terrains + open space aims to lớn translate the childhood memory inkhổng lồ a built space.

image © DID studio

trop: terrains + open space curates an ecology

TROP: terrains + open space integrates natural planting combined with sculptural, spherical shrubs lớn create a new ecology within its ‘an villa.’ the kiến thiết hopes to lớn create a zen village south of the yangtze river. the plants focus on the interesting natural village feeling of the south of the yangtze river and the ecological ancient towns.

in the kiến thiết, the eaves, ridges, & waterscape of the water village in jiangnan are integrated. walking in it is like walking by the river of the ancient town, and the roof pours on people, bringing a cultural atmosphere. the rhythmic, opening và closing space is formed by landscape walls, corridors, & plants. from the penetrating view of the space to lớn the grandeur và vitality of the front courtyard, and then to lớn the zen tranquility of the sunken courtyard, several spaces khung different space atmospheres.