If a machine or device does something automatically, it does it independently, without human control:

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done by a machine, system, or process that is designed khổng lồ complete a task without a person having to control it:
Once you have sầu used the system for a while you will find you save your work automatically, without thinking about it.
Once the user enters the problem specifications & provides a case base, the reasoner analyzes the problem & returns an answer lớn the user automatically.
On the other hvà, geographical areas involving just a single parameter should not automatically be rated cool spots.
As outlined in the analytical framework, however, the fact of only moderate adaptation requirements does not automatically imply effective implementation.
The acceptance of the catch quotas system would automatically imply the comtháng management và control of fish resources.
However, the demo suites are automatically generated, and the authors do not discuss whether these rules could have sầu been coded in an alternatively satisfiable way.
Probably the most important advantage of induction techniques is that they enable us to extract knowledge automatically.
In the future, we plan khổng lồ endow the search tree view with the ability of automatically creating new rules from a user-chosen decision point.
What is represented within the lexical entry can be retrieved automatically in spontaneous communication.

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Implicit common ground is therefore built up automatically and is used in straightforward processes of repair.
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newspapers & magazines, & those parts of television and radio that broadcast news, or reporters & photographers who work for them

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