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Exercise 1: Chọn 1 trong nhì từ bỏ tương thích để xong mỗi câu sau

l. He doesn"t have sầu (many/much) money.

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I would lượt thích (a few/a little) salternative text on my vegetables.There are (less/fewer) boys than girls in this class.I don"t want (some/any) eggs but I want (some/any) cheese.They have given (a large number of/a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of) time on training.This jacket costs too (much/many).(Most/Most of) the students know the answer lớn that question.There (are too many/is too much)traffic on the street at rush hours.He bought (much/many) furniture for her new apartment which she has bought recently.(Some/Some of) the people I work with are very friendly.Both men (was/were) interested in this job in the interview yesterday.There are four books on the table. (Each/All) has a different colour.He has two bookstores. One is in Thac Mo. (The other/Another) is in Phuoc Binc.(Neither/None) restaurant is expensive sầu.Did you take (any/some) photographs when you were on holiday?The news has (many/plenty of) important information.(Neither/Neither of) the restaurants we went to lớn were expensive.Every seat in the theater last night (was/were) taken.The Olympic games are held (every/many) four years.They went from one cửa hàng to (another/other).

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Exercise 2: Chọn phương án đúng để ngừng mỗi câu sau

I’m afraid we no longer sell that model of laptop because we had a lot of complaints.so B. such C. enough D. tooThere was hardly money left in the ngân hàng trương mục.no more B. some C. no D. anyGardeners transplant bushes & flowers by moving them from one place to lớn .other B. others C. another D. each other

In developed world, there are not jobs left which don’t use computers lớn carry out many daily tasks.some B. any C. none D. much.She spent her miễn phí time watching TV.a few B. most of C. a lot D. mostUnfortunately, we"ve sầu made little progress B. a few progresses C. little progresses D. few progress students in our class is 45.A large amount of B. A lot of C. A number of D. The number ofThe two cars for sale were in poor condition, so I didn"t buy neither of them B. either of them C. each of them D. none of themThe pair of jeans I bought for my son didn"t fit hyên, so I went to lớn the store and asked for the other ones B. others ones C. another pair D. another jeansThis winter wasn"t as difficult as last winter.almost B. nearly C. closely D. justIf you book in advance you will certainly have sầu a better table at our restaurant.mostly B. almost C. most D. the mostOur village had money available for education that the schools had khổng lồ cthảm bại.so little B. such little C. so much D. such muchI had a red pen but I seem lớn have sầu lost it; I think I"d better buy one.the other B. another C. others D. the companies have announced economic losses recently.A large number of B. A several of C. A great giảm giá khuyến mãi of D. Plenty of theIn life, can make a mistake; we"re all human.anyone B. someone C. some people D. not anybodyPeter has been studying for almost three years and he will have sầu this degree và return to his country in

six months.

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others B. the other C. other D. anotherJohn contributed fifty dollars, but ho wishes he could contribute .more fifty dollars B. one other fifty dollars

C. the same amount also D. another fifty

In the United States, the states but Hawaii is an island.all of B. neither of C. none of D. no of of transportation has given someone the idea for a new type of toy.

A Mostly forms B. Most every size C. Almost forms D. Almost every form

Joanne has only one eye, she lost other B. other ones C. another one D. the other her fiction describes women in unhappy marriages.Many of B. A large number of C. A great volume of D. Much ofIs there at all I can help?

John paid $2 for his meal, he had thought it would cost.not as much B. not so much as C. less as D. not so many asHe has money in the bank.a large number of B. lot of C. a lots of D. a lot ofNuclear engines operate without air and consume fuel than other engines bởi.much less B. much fewer C. a lot higher D. far moreOnly three of students in my class are girls, are all boys.the other B. others C. other student D. the othersResearchers have sầu discovered 2,000 types of new plants but also say are at risk.many B. much C. the other D. varietyThere is too bad news on TV tonight.many B. much C. a few D. a littleHe bought three shirts; one for him and for his children.others B. the other C. another D. the others study hard before an examination.Most the students B. Most of the students

C. Most of students D. Almost students

There are several means of mass communication. The newspaper is one. Television is another B. other C. the another D. the otherThey asked me a lot of questions, I couldn"t answer.much of which B. both of them C. neither of which D. most of whichActors và pop stars are known for their extravagant spending habits and over up broke.them all B. many of whom C. many of them D. many of whichHe had spent time writing an essay on his childhood.a few B. a large number of C. a great deal of D. manyThe writer has finished his new novel.most of B. most C. all most D. almostUnemployment is a serious problem in the area; there are jobs for the people there.a little B. a few C. few D. littleAll the boys are good at cooking, but is as good as the girls.either B. neither C. every D. noneScandinavia consists of four countries. One is Denmark, are Finland, Norway & Sweden.others B. the other C. the others Đ. other People usually can get sufficient of the calcium their bodies need from the food they consume.variety B. source C. amount D. numberThey have sầu considered all the 100 applications, seem suitable for the position.neither of them B. neither of which C. none of them D. none of which

She had so many luggage that there was not enough room in the car for it. A B C DThere are such many planets in the universe that we cannot count them. A B C DMany hundred years ago, there were many villages & little towns in Englvà. A B C DAlmost medical doctors have had some training in psychology và psychiatry. A B C DGood scientists always cooperate with each others no matter what their nationalities are. A B C DTom said that if he had lớn bởi vì another homework tonight, he would not be able attover the concert. A B C DIn Canadomain authority much people speak English because they also came from England many years ago. A B C DWe didn"t have sầu many knowledge about physics. A B C DNeither of the scout leaders know how to lớn trap wild animals or how lớn prepare them for mounting. A B C DThe Earth is the only planet with a large number of oxygen in its atmosphere. A B C D

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