Bánh Cuốn

Are you wondering what the difference is between banh cuon và banh uot? Look no further, I"ve sầu delved down into lớn the minute ingredient details so you can determine which dish you prefer!

Vietnamese cuisine aao ước various regions may nội dung the same name for dishes và chia sẻ the same ingredients, but often there are just a few nibịt variations that make one region"s dish different than the others.

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What is the difference between banh cuon & banh uot?

While both are Vietnamese rice flour roll dishes, the difference is that banh cuon is usually made of minced grill pork as the main filling whereas banh uot is made of minced ground pork as a filling.

Ultimately, both share the similarities of using an opaque rice flour sheet to wrap it"s delicious filling that comprises of rehydrated wood ear mushrooms, the pork protein, onions, garlic and sprinkled with fried shallots and garlic, và served on a bed of chopped lettuce, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, & Vietnamese pork meat loaf.

What is banh cuon?

Banh cuon (pronounced baan quoon) is a Vietnamese dish that means a snachồng that is wrapped, but is often also referred khổng lồ as rolled cakes. The name in itself refers lớn the steamed rice sheets.It is made of finely ground rice paper batter that is then steamed và cooked so that the wrapper is translucent and thin.

The Filling Inside Banh Cuon

Banh cuon is filled with a marinated grilled pork called thit nuong that is minced inkhổng lồ small pieces. It is then usually mixed with wood ear mushrooms, onions which is then wrapped around the steamed rice flour batter into a translucent và opaque wrapper.

Thit nuong literally means grilled meat. In this case, the grilled meat is a pork that is then minced và added as a filler to banh cuon.

What is banh uot?

Banh uot (pronounced baan uot) is a Vietnamese cuisine that literally means wet snack, but is also referred khổng lồ as a rice crepe or rice pancake. The dish is made with steamed rice sheets that are rolled & filled. It uses the same batter as banh cuon.

The Filling Inside Banh Uot

Banh uot is filled with ground pork that is mixed with chopped onions & wood ear mushrooms. It is wrapped around a rice flour batter that is translucent và opaque.

What are some other names for banh out and banh cuon?

If you have ever gone inkhổng lồ a Vietnamese restaurant, you may find that banh out and banh cuon may be hidden on the recipe menu by other names. If you are wanting to lớn devour some of these rice flour rolls, here are some other monikers you"ll find them as:

Banh UotBanh CuonBanh Uot Tkhô nóng TriBan Chuon Tkhô cứng TriRice Sheet WrapsRice Noodle RollRice Flour PancakesRice Cakes with FillingSteamed Rice NoodlesVietnamese Rice Cakes

A rose by any other name is still a rose. And these are some delicious roses! Banh out and banh cuon pretty much are similar. Think of it like a pizza - do you want pepperoni or sausage?

What does banh cuon versus banh uot taste like?

Often in western conversation, it is often referred to as a Vietnamese ravioli or Vietnamese pancake. I disagree with this sentiment.

To me, it can be compared khổng lồ eating an omelette made with a delicious outside batter that is soft & delicious.

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What dipping sauce is used for banh cuon versus banh uot?

For both dishes, there are two main types of dressings that are shared across both cuisines: nuoc mam (Vietnamese fish sauce) & peanut butter dipping sauce (normally eaten with Vietnamese spring rolls).

Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce for Banh Uot and Banh Cuon

This is the most popular way to lớn eat banh cuon and banh out is to lớn drizzle it with nuoc mam, which is a Vietnamese sweet & sour fish sauce. It provides a refreshing contrast when eating these light & flavorful crepes.

Peanut Dipping Sauce for Banh Uot and Banh Cuon

Dark brown peanut dipping sauce is the less comtháng way lớn dress banh uot & banh cuon. Vietnamese peanut sauce recipes are normally based with peanut butter và provide a delicious contrast when eating them with Vietnamese spring rolls.

How is banh uot & banh cuon normally served?

They are normally served with toppings like cucumbers, bean sprouts, julienned cucumbers, Vietnamese pork meat loaf (cha lua), and fried shallots.

What kind of banh cuon steamer phối should I get?

If you are truly wanting to make banh cuon or banh uot at trang chính và make it authentically, you can purchase this banh cuon steamer mix which will definitely take your banh cuon và banh uot to the next màn chơi. In general, the wrapper for banh cuon and banh out is made by pouring the rice flour batter over a piece of cloth that has been stretched over a steamer. This allows that rice flour khổng lồ steam inkhổng lồ a paper thin batter that is the perfect texture to lớn roll the filling around.


Can I make banh cuon without a steamer set?

Banh cuon & banh uot can definitely be made without a steamer phối. Using a non-stick skillet that is brushed with oil, you can pour the batter in & cover it with a lid for 30 seconds before removing the rice flour sheet. Generally, you"ll get thicker batter sheet versus using a steamer phối.

I"ve listed out instructions on how khổng lồ make banh uot here, which shows you the exact instructions on getting the perfect sheet using just a skillet.

What"s the best way khổng lồ eat banh cuon & banh uot?

Banh Uot and banh cuon need khổng lồ be eated when the sheets are still hot! You should pile blanched muong bean sprouts along with crispy, fried shallots - this ingredient is the BEST to provide the crunchiness to this delicious dish. Finally, add chilled pork meat loaf (yes, I said chilled) because it makes the difference in texture that much more wonderful.


The differences between banh cuon and banh uot are minimal. Banh cuon & banh uot are generally the same Vietnamese dish with the differences in the type of filling. A thin sheet of steamed rice batter noodles rolled up with some amazing fillings dressed with your favorite sauce can make any day a treat! While pho is trending these days, banh uot và banh cuon are some amazing Vietnamese noodle delights that may surpass your ideas of truly the best Vietnamese noodle dish around.