What are the most beautiful places in Vietnam giới and secret tips? Because of our upcoming trip lớn Vietphái nam, we wanted khổng lồ get to lớn the bottom of this question.

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Vietnam has a terrific landscape, delicious food & many sights. We didn’t want khổng lồ miss out on something và that’s the reason why we would like lớn give sầu you an insight inlớn wonderful Vietnam giới before our trip.

Favorite places & secret tips in Vietnam

We asked 7 bloggers about their most beautiful places và must-sees for Vietnam giới. At the over they named many different places and we got some great inspiration for our Vietphái nam trip.


We asked the bloggers the following two questions:

Which place has impressed you the most and why?What is your personal secret tip for Vietnam?

Here are the answers, which reflect the popularity of the Mekong Delta. But there were also some real surprises.

Tyên ổn from Earth City

1. Most of all, the huge caves in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park impressed me. An incredible spectacle of nature, which gives you goosebumps because it’s so impressive.

I went there by train from Hanoi. A night train actually. That was also a great adventure & we almost missed our station. You can take the train from Hanoi to Dong Hoi and hire a driver afterwards to lớn get lớn the national park.


2. Both of these would be my insider tips: take a train once in Vietphái mạnh and visit the Phong Nha Ke Bang. You can also participate in real expeditions inside the Paradise Cave. However, the first hundred meters can be visited without an expedition.

For a trip with a train in Vietnam I recommkết thúc the route from the old imperial city Hue khổng lồ Da Nang, as it leads through the massif in the center of Vietnam (the narrowest part of the country). You will have sầu great views from there, as the train goes directly through the mountain and you can see the ocean below.


Stengười from Faszination Südostasien

1. Vietphái mạnh is a very impressive sầu, interesting & diverse destination. It’s really hard to highlight one place in particular.

Unforgettable, however, is the Halong Bay, where you only can experience sunshine and blue sky if you are really lucky, the narrow streets in the old town of Hanoi as well as a scooter tour across the northeast of the island Phu Quoc, which is touristically less developed at the moment.


I’m also really fascinated by the road traffic. Whether in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minc City (Saigon), almost every busy intersection is an impressing place. Just choose a nice bar or cafe with a good view.

Then you can watch the endless stream of motorbikes coming from all sides of the road – và you will be surprised that it works and you don’t see one accident after another.


2. Maybe not a real secret, but definitely a recommendation: Look out for “Bia hoi” during your Vietphái mạnh trip. This is a beer, which is brewed on the same day with limited quantity. It’s only good for one day, since “Bia hoi” is brewed without any additives.

It’s sold as tapped beer in the afternoon while stocks last. There will be plastic chairs & tables built up on many busy corners of the đô thị, where you can get “Bia hoi”. Also good khổng lồ get in touch with locals. Street vendors sell some small snacks, too.

The beer tastes very good & is quite cheap. You will get about five sầu or six glasses for one Euro.

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Ýou will find “Bia hoi” mainly in the north of Vietnam giới around Hanoi.

Florian from Flocblog

1. For a Vietphái mạnh crossing with the mở cửa Tour buses you only have sầu one choice: Mui Ne or Dalat? I have never been khổng lồ Mui Ne but already 3 times lớn Dalat and I can highly recommover this place.

There is only one condition: you have sầu khổng lồ be able lớn ride a scooter (~$6/day) or ride on the baông xã of one of the many bikers, the so-called Easy Riders (~$25/day).

The highlight of Dalat is the beautiful nature in the central mountains of Vietnam giới. Waterfalls, lakes, rivers and really much up and down the hills, is all you get.

Dalat is also known for kitsch, especially Crazy House, Valley of Love và the Chua Linc Phuoc Temple. If you still don’t have sầu enough, you can visit the Truc Lam Monastery, either by cable car or by xe đạp.

Food tip: Very delicious vegetarian food in the first floor of the main market at lunchtime.


2. My secret tip for a visit of the Halong Bay is the island of Cat Ba. The islvà is located in the Halong Bay, which you can reach on your own by bus from Hanoi (about VND 200,000). This way you avoid mass tourism và exorbitant prices.

Cat Ba City is certainly not the most beautiful thành phố of Vietnam. But you can find some accommodations và food for a normal Vietnamese price and within 10 minutes you can reach one of the three beaches.

You can also book a Halong Bay boat ride from Cat Ba. Or you can enjoy the view at the Halong Bay from the Cat Ba Viewpoint – with a real cannon from the Vietnam war.


Melanie from Good Morning World

1. When I was in Vietnam, I was most impressed by my boat trip through the Mekong Delta. The landscape here is just beautiful. The many rice fields glow in lush green, the chili plantations dab a blob of red & the small huts on the banks enrich the whole ensemble with all sorts of colors.

I thought it was just awesome lớn float on a houseboat for three days through the many small canals, khổng lồ sleep on the boat and visit different islands in the Delta during the day.

My bike tour on the small & absolutely non-touristic island of Cu Lao Gieng, the private cooking class directly on the boat và of course the visit of the famous floating markets were my highlights.

By the way, I deliberately left out the big markets and chose khổng lồ visit the small, but more authentic one, in Chau Doc. There were not so many sales boats on site, but you also couldn’t buy souvenirs or other stuff. Just the goods that the local people sell và buy for their everyday life.


2. My secret tip for Vietphái nam is the small town of Hoi An in Central Vietphái nam. The old town with its many old-fashioned houses is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Hoi An is worth to stay a few days và I would recommkết thúc you khổng lồ vị a street food tour. You can learn a lot about the Vietnamese cuisine & try some curiosities if you dare!