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Let see the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 or usually also known as Samsung Galaxy Young, this is good điện thoại thông minh with Android operating system, Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 have sầu 3 inchi LCD và using GSM network for communications with broadb& access HSDPA (3G). The processor of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is 830Mhz enough for doing work at this smartphone.

Sometime for some reason this Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 can not use properly or hang or not responding or stuck so the LCD screen can not access to anywhere. In this this we should try lớn doing soft remix or reboot Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with press và hold the power button & choose restart. But if the problem still happen than we have to vị the hard rephối for format Samsung Galaxy Y S5360


How lớn Format và Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 ?

#Option 1, Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with Software Menu:

Turn on the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360Make sure you alrady backup the important data in Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, because all important data và installed applications will be removedGo to lớn Menu Setting > Privacy > Factory Data Remix > Reset Phone > EraseThe Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 will doing the factory remix until it finish

#Option 2, Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with Hardware Key Button:

Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360Press & hold together Power Button + trang chủ Button + Volume Up until we see the recovery thực đơn in Android LCD screenat the menu, choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset option, for navigate use Volume Button, và press Home button (in the middle down) to lớn ok or confirm.

How to lớn recover Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 if forgot Password or Sạc Pin or Security Pattern Pin Sạc ?

If we forget the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 security pin or password pattern, what you have to do is doing the factory reset like what we wrote above sầu.

When will We Need lớn Factory Remix Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 ?

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 need to be hard rephối lớn factory default when we can not access anything at this phone, or when we feel that the phone become running slow or some unusual problem happen at our Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. Please rethành viên to lớn always backup your data before doing format or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

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How to Add and Remove Google Account at Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 ?

Please go vị menu Setting > Account và add your Google / Gmail account lớn make this phone work properly. We also have to lớn use Google account lớn download some apps from Google Play Store. If you want to remove sầu Google tài khoản from Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, then please backup all important data and bởi vì hard remix or master format to clean or remove sầu all data from Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

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its not working bcuz my gts5360 is bricked while doing its says failed ..i repeated the process in cloông chồng work mode to run my gt is there only one reinstall a new firmware is there is a another way like small form size zip files...? Hi, if your Samsung Galaxy Y has been bricks, then you can not use this standard procedure lớn fix your phone. Please consult with Samsung authorized service center for further help. Thanks for this. I knew we had to press 3 buttons for the rephối. Others please note that you might have sầu khổng lồ really hold those buttons for a long time and keep it pressed even if it reboots. Then the Android will appear.The information from this page describe about how to reboot samsung galaxy y,how khổng lồ rephối samsung galaxy y,samsung galaxy y hard reset key combination,how to lớn format samsung galaxy y,how khổng lồ reformat samsung galaxy y,samsung s5360 hard reset,how lớn hard reset samsung galaxy y,samsung galaxy y rephối code,samsung galaxy y hard reset,how lớn reset galaxy y. If you need another resource for hard rephối, use search function at this homepage or find from our related posts.