Curvature là gì

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The basic effects on the flow induced by yaw-angle and curvature can easily be recovered from the present solution.
The tìm kiếm for tractable models led lớn the study of the không tính tiền motion of a particle (the geodesic flow) on surfaces of constant negative sầu curvature.
These represent the directions of lines of zero normal curvature (kn = 0) within the folded surface.
In the radial situation, explicit solutions for a situation in which mean curvature flow is coupled khổng lồ elastithành phố are presented.
This then leads khổng lồ a simple & elegant iterative scheme because we have sầu a linear relationship between curvature & normal velocity.
This ring, as well as being interventricular, is also atrioventricular at its initial location within the inner curvature of the heart.
These, when held at their extremities, he said, naturally accommodate the curvatures of parabolic lines.
Indeed, in the approximation of the curvature leading to lớn (17) we disregarded dfo/dx in comparison with unity.
One complete phối of measurements was made upstream of curvature in the unperturbed boundary layer, and this constituted a reference set.
The analysis of the chạy thử inter ferogram is complicated by the presence of fringe curvature also in absence of the plasma.
Peaks of the curvature function correspond khổng lồ the corners of the represented curve sầu & their height depends on the angle at these corners.

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