Brother mfcl5900dw support

1.Downloadthe Printer Driver orAdd Printer Wizard Driver from Clichồng herefor instructions on how khổng lồ navigate to our downloads page.

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2. Once the driver has been downloaded, you will need to extract it.

How to lớn extract the printer driver

a. Double-cliông xã on the file that you downloaded. A ZIPhường Self Decompression window will appear.b. Cliông chồng Browse, or type a path khổng lồ the location where you"d like to lớn save this tệp tin.c. Cliông xã Decompress.

d. Cliông chồng OK, once the decompression is successful.e. Be sure lớn note the path where you saved the file, because you"ll need to know this later.

Local connection users

a. Connect the interface cable between your machine and your computer. The cable should be no longer than 6 feet, and connected directly between the two devices. Don"t use a parallel-to-USB adapter cable.b. Turn on your machine.c.Clichồng → Devices and Printers.d. Clichồng Add a printer.e.Cliông xã Add a Local Printer.f. You"ll need lớn select a communication port.Select a port labeled USB00X (The last 3 characters will be a number) & then clickNext.

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If the USB port is not listed, then your computer & machine are not communicating or there is a problem with your computer. Try another USB cable or other ports on the computer. Don"t attempt khổng lồ create a port, the correct port should be created automatically.g. Go khổng lồ step 4.

a. Turn on your machine.b. Make sure that your machine is connected lớn your network.c. Cliông xã → Devices and Printers.d. Click Add a printer.e.ClickAdd a network, wireless or bluetooth printer.f. You will see a message stating: "Searching for available printers". Wait for the menu to lớn populate with your machine.If your machine isn"t found, then your computer is not communicating with your Brother machine. Cheông chồng for these comtháng causes of communication failure & try again: - Your computer must be on the same network as the Brother machine. - A firewall or security application may be blocking your Brother machine"s communication. Cliông xã herefor instructions on how khổng lồ disable the Windows firewall. For other firewalls, refer to the manufacturer"s instructions. - Reboot the power on your router. - Liên hệ your computer manufacturer or network admin to troubleshoot any other network communication conflicts.g. Select your machine from the danh mục và then click Next. Go khổng lồ step 4.

4.Clichồng Have sầu Disk.5.Cliông xã Browse andspecify the location of the drivers that you extracted in step 2.6.Clichồng Open.7.Cliông xã OK.8.Select your model name and then cliông xã Next.9.If you receive sầu a message stating that a driver is already installed, select Replace The Current Driver and then click Next.10.We recommover that you leave the default printer name and then clickNext.11.Select a Printer Sharing option & then cliông chồng Next.

12.You may place a kiểm tra next to Set as the mặc định printer, if desired.

13. You may select to lớn print a demo page, if desired.14.Cliông xã Finish.The driver will now install.You may receive a message stating: "The softwarehas not passed windows biệu tượng công ty testing..." If this window appears, clickContinue Anyway.The installation will continue until completion.

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