We all know how crucial Microsoft office is for users. However, since the launch of Microsoft Office 2016, many users have sầu reported a peculiar issue during its thiết đặt, where the installation gives the following error:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 encountered an error during thiết lập.

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This prevents the installation no matter what the source is.


In some cases, it is because of the conflict between a 64 bit system and a 32 bit application and vice-versa. Some users have also reported that the issue got fixed after removing Avast antivi khuẩn from the system.

We will troubleshoot this issue sequentially till it’s resolved. The possible solutions are as follows:

Solution 1 – Using Task Scheduler

1. Search Task Scheduler in Windows 10 Taskbar Search.


2. Now, Cliông xã on Task Scheduler lớn Open Task Scheduler.

3. Now, Cliông xã Task Scheduler Library khổng lồ Exapnd it.

4. Right Cliông chồng on Microsoft Folder and Delete It.


Try the thiết lập again. It will Go on smoothly without an error.

Solution 2> Run the Windows Store apps troubleshooter

Before trying any complex troubleshooting, it would be worth a try khổng lồ run the Windows Store apps troubleshooter.

1> Clichồng on the Start button & then the gear-like symbol lớn open the Settings window.

2> Go lớn Updates và security >> Troubleshoot.

3> Locate the Windows apps troubleshooter in the danh mục (it’s usually the last option) and run it.

Restart the system once done.

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Solution 3> Update Windows

Since the issue has been notably reported with Microsoft Office năm 2016, it would probably be a bug with the system and Microsoft should have sầu an eye on it. They would be working towards fixing it, a resolution that would be launched in size of a Windows update. Here’s the procedure to update Windows.

Solution 4> Remove sầu the interfering antivirut software

Since users have reported that antivirus software could prevent the installation of Microsoft Office năm 2016, we could get this verified.

Solution 5> Rename Microsoft Help folder

Before considering reinstallation of the software, the last thing we could try is changing the name of the Microsoft help folder. It would stop interfering with a new installation in that case.

1> Press Win + R to open the Run window. Type the commvà %programdata% and press Enter.


2> In this folder, find the thư mục named Microsoft Help & rename it lớn Microsoft Help.old.

3> Restart the system.

Solution 6> Remove sầu the Microsoft office software in the system completely và reinstall it

In this procedure, the user would have to lớn remove every possible trace of Microsoft office from the system. It could be reinstalled correctly after that.

Here’s how lớn remove every trace of the previously installed Microsoft Office 2016:

1> Use the tool given on the Microsoft tư vấn website here. Download and run it khổng lồ scrape off the software from the system.

2> To delete whatever is remaining from the Registry editor, press Win + R lớn open the Run window. Type the comm& regedit and press Enter to lớn open the Registry Editor.

3> Navigate to the following key if it exists:


4> Right-click on the Microsoft Office thư mục and then cliông chồng on delete. It will remove sầu any possible traces of the software from the system.

We can now reinstall the software from any source. The license key should be same unless you are using a different version. Make sure that you install a 32-bit software on a 32-bit system và a 64-bit software on a 64-bit system.