Our gay japan itinerary for first time visitors

nhật bản is a fascinating county, rich in culture, tradition, exotic beaches và boasting one of the most famous cuisines in the world. The traditional cuisine of Japan, called washoku, is so well regarded, it was added to UNESCO’s intangible heritage các mục in 2013. The Japanese are very welcoming, eager to lớn please & well mannered. Every greeting comes with a bow, a smile & a willingness to help you, whether English is spoken or not. For this reason, it is a very easy country for LGBTQ+ travelers.

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Japanese society is overall conservative. Sexuality is not publicly displayed by opposite or same-sex couples and there is no same-sex marriage law in place. However, by Asian standards, Japan is one of the most progressive countries with regards to LGBTQ+ laws. Same-sex sexual activity was legalized in 1880, unlike most countries on the continent where being gay is still illegal & a huge taboo. In addition, transgender individuals are permitted to change their legal gender post-sex reassignment surgery và discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation & gender identity is banned in certain cities.

There is an LGBTQ+ scene in the big cities, especially in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. The capital also has its own gay pride sự kiện called Tokyo Rainbow Pride in April or May. LGBTQ+ travelers are sure to lớn fall in love with Japan, its culture, food và especially its warm-hearted people.

Why Visit & When to lớn Go?

You can mix great food with fresh sushi in the Tokyo fish markets, temple visits và culture in Kyokhổng lồ, learn about the history of the atomic bomb in 1945 in Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park, relax on the sandy beaches of Okinawa, và scuba dive with sharks, manta rays và tropical fish in the Yaeyama islands.

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Japan is a destination you can visit year-round. It has the same four seasons as North America. The most popular time of year khổng lồ visit is during the spring “cherry blossom” season in March through May, & in the autumn months of September to November when the leaves change color. This is also the time of year when rainfall is minimal, skies are clear & temperatures are mild.

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Interesting Cities lớn Visit in Japan


Tokyo is the capital, & main transport hub of nhật bản. On one h& it’s a very modern đô thị, with neon-lit skyscrapers, but on the other, it’s very traditional with historic temples và palaces, lượt thích the Meiji Shinlớn Shrine & the Imperial Palace. Tokyo is also a foodie’s paradise, with many small izakayas (small gastro pubs) và the world’s largest fish market, Tsukiji. Shinjuku Ni-Chõme is where the city’s gay bars and clubs can be found. It is famous for having the world’s highest concentration, with over 300 tiny gay bars crammed together in unassuming, unremarkable blocks. Some of the most famous include Arty Farty, Annex, FTM Bois Bar, Campy!, Aiiro, Dragon Men & Leo Lounge. Read more about Tokyo from Passport Magazine >>


Kyolớn is the cultural capital of nhật bản, and was the former capital thành phố until 1869 when it was moved khổng lồ Tokyo. It has retained its regal charm, with beautiful temples & intricate gardens. The most famous are the Golden Temple, Kinkaku-Ji, and the Silver Temple, Ginkaku-Ji. Other highlights in Kyoto lớn include the Arashiyama Sagano Bamboo Forest and the Fushimuri Inari Shrine. Kyoto’s Gion district is where the geisha female entertainers can be found, famously immortalized by the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. They are elusive sầu & hard lớn pichồng out, which is what makes geisha spotting a fun activity in Kyoto. Read more about Kyoto from Out There Magazine >>


Hiroshima has a devastating history because it was completely decimated by an atomic bomb at the over of the Second World War in 1945. The thành phố has been rebuilt, with a Memorial Park with monuments and a fascinating museum dedicated to the history of the entire experience. It makes for an emotional và harrowing visit. Hiroshima is also famous for its okonomiyaki. This is a Japanese savory pancake served with a variety of fillings, including various meat or vegetables, and topped with a layer of noodles and sauces. Hiroshima downtown is the best place to try the best okonomiyaki.

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