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AboutCome to lớn our house for dinner.....Food stylesBarbeque, Italian, Tex-Mex, VietnameseRestaurant specialtiesDinner, Drinks, LunchRestaurant servicesGroups, Outdoor, Reserve sầu, Takeout, Waiter, WalkinsDescriptionOne of the newer restaurants in the old quarter, the Green Chili restaurant has already been enticing visitors & expats with its chất lượng menus.

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Founded và managed by husb& and wife team Hanh và Jackie, the restaurant offers warm hospitality in addition to excellent home-style & gourmet cooking! “We treat all our customers as old friends. We have sầu an extensive sầu thực đơn of Tex Mex, Western, Mediterranean & Vietnamese classics, but are flexible to lớn cater lớn a specific customer’s taste,” says Jackie. Whether you’re seeking comfort food or an exquisite mesh of East and West, Green Chili has a thực đơn lớn satisfy all appetites. Steaks and ribs off the grill. American và Tex Mex classics. Homemade pastas by a proper Italian-trained chef. To match an eclectic & well-executed menu, Green Chili has an extensive sầu cocktail and wine menu.

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Top shelf & rare tequilas và mescals are also available. Now, the restaurant boasts not only one, but two of Hoi An’s best chefs! Chef Nanvì is a Vietnamese native who specializes in Italian và Vietnamese. He lived in Milan for 4 years so when we say “specialized” in Italian, we really mean it! Nanvì chưng loves khổng lồ work in an open kitchen và interact with the customers. His high unique cuisine is based on the freshest of local ingredients & experience. Chef Nanvì is also now complemented by American chef Scott Marquis who is poised lớn spice up the other Western & Tex Mex aspects of the menu. Scott’s vast experience in cooking has taken hyên khổng lồ several countries & restaurants. Expats in Hoi An are very familiar with Scott’s menus and are looking forward to lớn tasting his new inventions and specials at Green Chili. Expect Tex Mex-inspired meat mains, homemade flour and corn tortillas, smoked chicken (on the BBQ), fish tacos and fajitas lớn name but a few of the dishes Scott will introduce khổng lồ the menu.General managerHanh Boatman
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