Những Bài Hát Hay Nhất Của Hòa Minzy 2016


At the time Hoa Minzy và Cong Phuong were together, the famous player’s family protested. Internet users said his career slowed down due lớn a love story & attacked the singer so many times. Then Hoa Minzy admitted that the two broke up in late năm 2016.

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Recently, Hoa Minzy accidentally got inkhổng lồ a “difficult-to-help” situation when her seniors mentioned Cong Phuong’s name instead of giving her name. In a look behind the scenes of a performance, the artist Tu Long Duc Phuc, Erik và Hoa Minzy exchanged & presented them. When it came lớn Hoa Minzy’s role, the male comedian said: “Erik, Duc Phuc and what are you?” và suddenly called Cong Phuong’s name and then covered his mouth. At this point, Hoa Minzy’s face showed a surrender & instantly responded when he said: “Are not”, then “fire” the situation with an ironic smile.

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Many comments that Tu Long’s words, whether accidentally or accidentally, were said for the purpose of teasing, are viewed as “unfortunate” because Hoa Minzy & Cong Phuong have not mentioned each other in a long time. Before that, the 9X singer was upphối & reacted many times when mạng internet users called the name “Old Love sầu Cong Phuong”. This is not the first time that the artist Tu Long mentioned the “striker” of Nghe origin before Hoa Minzy.

Hoa Minzy also ran inkhổng lồ a similar dilemma when Tu Long put her past story in a comical position.

Currently, Hoa Minzy has a happy life giving birth to lớn a son for the second richest young man in Long An Province. Although the wedding did not take place, the family of three of this dễ thương voice still makes a lot of people jealous, especially at this time when Hoa Minzy is constantly showing pictures of the prince named Bo on social networks. Resemblance to lớn the father.

Meanwhile, Cong Phuong was also married lớn Vien Minch, closed his private life & avoided the noises of show business. The male gamer’s wife is not only beautiful, she also gives an academic impression. This 9X girl is an international student in Belgium with a Masters Degree in Business Administration from RMIT University. She graduated with excellent grades. Cong Phuong’s wife is also “not of medium height” when his father is the director of the state bank branch in Ho Chi Minc City. TP HCM City.

Cong Phuong also has its own trang chủ.

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