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dramrajani.com App

Our new dramrajani.com App allows community members to view trương mục and community documents, pay bills, và submit ACC and work order requests – all from the one-tap convenience of their smart phone or tablet. We also offer a desktop version for those who prefer it!


Community Playbook

Imagine having ONE go-to resource for all of your HOA’s guidelines, bylaws và operating procedures. Our Community Playbook enables quick response times to the most commonly asked homeowner questions.


Community Website

Our secure online portal houses key HOA community documents and support tools, with 24/7 login access available khổng lồ board members and/or homeowners based on pre-approved permissions. Services include:

Viewing maintenance projects

Choosing vendors

Reviewing checks and managing finances

Digitally storing and retrieving key documents

Downloading và printing reports

Leveraging board communication và community support tools

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dramrajani.com Customer Care

You’ll always have sầu a dedicated support team at the ready, lớn ensure fast responses & quality results.

Project status updates

Guideline clarifications

Homeowner communications support

24-hour Response Guarantee

First-Contact Resolution Promise

PLUS: Rock-Star Community Managers

Having these systems in place frees up our dedicated Community Managers to fully advocate for your association, và collaborate with you to lớn plan for the future và bring your vision lớn life.

Financial & admin tools take the burden off your board

Financial oversight và admin upkeep can be complex & time-consuming. That ends here. With dramrajani.com as your partner, you’ll have an expert team & tools to help you manage your entire financial portfolio & navigate your governance obligations. You’ll feel more in control of today và have more confidence in tomorrow. Our main suite of services includes:

Financial solutions:

Budget prep and reserve sầu studies

Bank tài khoản reconciliation

Accounts payable và receivable

HOA dues collection và billing processing

Regular financial reports

Tax filings

Insurance coordination & negotiation

Capital expenditure forecasting and bid management

Admin và governance solutions:

Board governance document analysis

Bylaws, rules & regulations management

Annual calendar prep và strategic planning

Meeting coordination

Compliance oversight

Community-building strategies & sự kiện execution

For self-managed communities who are seeking minimal services, we also offer a financial-only support option. Contact us for details.

dramrajani.com is an HOA and property management speciamenu serving the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota as well as Denver và Coloravì Springs, Coloravày.

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