Menu at lam hoa thuan bbq, san francisco

You will be offered Cantonese and Chinese cuisines at this bbq. Nicely cooked pork roast, Bbq pork & roasted duông xã will impress you at the first bite. This place is famous for good tea.

Lam Hoa Thuan with takeout dishes is good for those clients who like to have supper in a hurry. Many people mention that the staff is competent at this place. Guests say that the service is fast here. Prices at this spot deserve attention since they"re reasonable. When you enter this place, you notice the lovely ambiance. Google users granted the score of 4 khổng lồ this bbq.

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我在三藩市的烧烤店买烤肉,烤鸭,食品标什么价就是什么价,如果要加taxi,商家都会写在标的价格后面,就这家店不标记,比如烧鸭标价$23,到付款的时候就变成了$25.05,我问为什么,老板说要加taxi,我说这店家不诚实,老板服务态度很差,烧烤又不好吃,我再也不会去这家店了I buy grilled meat & roast duck at a barbecue restaurant in San Francisteo. The price of the food is what price is marked. If you want to add xe taxi, the merchant will write it after the marked price, but this store does not mark it. For example, the price of roast duck is $23, and the payment is paid. At that time it became $25.05, I asked why, the boss said to add xe taxi, I said that this store is dishonest, the owner"s service attitude is very poor, the barbecue is not delicious, I will never go khổng lồ this store again
A (potentially) unpopular opinion - Lam Hoa Thuan just isn't that good. Considering how there's almost always a line here that goes out the door on weekends, it's obvious that this place is fairly popular. However, I never realized how deep that love extended to lớn their Yelp reviews! No joke - if you strip out the ones that are negative purely because of the poor service (bởi people ever expect good service from a place lượt thích this?), the overall rating legitimately might actually go up an entire star! Much like the other Chinese delis sprinkled around the Sunmix (và Richmond, for that matter), Lam Hoa Thuan's biggest draw is probably their Chinese BBQ offerings, such as their chashu, roast pork, & roast duchồng. However, what makes them a little more unique is that, in addition lớn those items, their thực đơn also offers an extensive sầu các mục of both Chinese and Vietnamese dishes (most only do the former). Admittedly, that's a pretty cool perk, though more in the abstract than in practice in this case. -- PHO TAI - Beef Pho with Rare Beef Slices...~$8 (… ) Apologies to lớn those of you who enjoy the pho here, but this might've been the worst I've sầu ever had. The noodles were fine, as was the price/portion, but the beef wasn't that good và the broth was AWFUL. The coloring already looked off when it came out, but the taste of it was almost sour. -- ROAST PORK OVER RICE...~$7 (… ) Came bachồng just for this (& khổng lồ give them another shot), but even this missed the mark. While the pork was rather meaty, it wasn't nearly as flavorful as my go-to's at Cheung Hing (this needed more seasoning) & the skin was more tough than crispy, making it really hard to enjoy. With roughly 150 dishes on their thực đơn that span two different cuisines, và with the way they get so many people coming here on weekends, I'm sure not everything here is all that bad. In fact, I'm sure I could probably find something pretty solid. However, I can't say it's all that comforting that two of my favorite dishes, which are two things that I imagine a place lượt thích this should be able khổng lồ bởi vì decently, completely missed the mark. Personally, while I love sầu the combination of Chinese và Vietnamese offerings that Lam Hoa Thuan's thực đơn provides, I'd personally prefer to lớn hit up one of the many alternatives for both pho & Chinese deli/BBQ meats all around the Sunmix.