Vietnam is an increasingly popular digital nomad hotspot. Most people head lớn Hoi Chi Minh City or (lớn a lesser extent) Hanoi, but we knew those cities would be too hectic for us. A few years ago we looked inlớn Hoi An, a much smaller town in the centre of the country, but it seemed impossible for find rentals for just one or two months. Thankfully, things have sầu changed, & it’s now easy to lớn find a house khổng lồ rent.

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If you are looking for an alternative sầu base to lớn busy Hoi Chi Minc City, Hoi An is worth considering. The streets are much less traffic-clogged, the atmosphere is relaxed, the ancient town centre is one of the prettiest places in the country, & the beach is only a few kilometres away.

Although it’s worth looking on Airbnb if you’d like khổng lồ book in advance, the options are limited, & you will find cheaper places once you arrive. We spent two nights at the lovely Lemongrass Homestay và managed to lớn find an apartment within 24 hours of arriving.

Apply for a 3-Month Visa

You can’t rent a house in Vietphái nam unless you have a three-month tourist visa (not a one-month visa). We applied online before arriving in the country with VOA Vietphái mạnh and it was easy. The three-month visa can be extended if you want to lớn stay longer.

Get a SIM Card & Motorbike

A local SIM card could come in useful when communicating with house owners. Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone all seem similar with good coverage và speeds and affordable data plans. You can buy SIMs và credit vouchers from convenience stores all over the country, but the airports offer the best deals. We got a free Vinaphone SIM at Hoi Chi Minc airport with a 5GB data plan for 100,000 VND ($4.50). 100,000 VND usually only gets you 1.2GB data.

You will likely be renting somewhere a few kilometres from the old thành phố. There isn’t any public transport in Hoi An, & while you could manage with walking & taxis, a motorbike or bicycle will give sầu you more flexibility. There are plenty of rental places & they don’t ask for a deposit or to lớn see your driving licence. We paid $5 a day while we looked for a house, và then found a long term motorxe đạp rental for 1 million VND ($45) a month.

Withdraw Cash

You are usually expected to lớn pay all the rent in advance, although you might be able khổng lồ arrange khổng lồ pay monthly. Most ATMs charge và have sầu low withdrawal limits, so it’s worth starting khổng lồ gather your cash when you arrive. The best ATM lớn use is at Ngân hàng quân đội MB Bank on Hai Ba Trung (near the junction with Ba Trieu), which doesn’t charge. We could withdraw 5 million VND ($224) at one time, but I’ve heard it’s possible lớn get 15 million ($672).

We didn’t have sầu to lớn pay a damage deposit.

Decide Your Budget and Requirements

Before you start your tìm kiếm it helps khổng lồ decide your budget và what you are looking for. We paid $500 a month including all bills for a two bedroom apartment. Apartments are actually unusual here, & most rentals are two or three bedroom houses from $300 a month. You may be able to lớn find even cheaper than that, but you’ll need local contacts.

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If you are renting for 6-12 months, you’ll have sầu more choice & the best rates, but some landlords are willing khổng lồ rent for a month.

This was our wish list:

Apartment or house1 bedroomGood Wi-Fi – We used the Speed Test tiện ích on our iPhone for places we were considering.Quiet locationKitchenHot waterSofaTable big enough for working & eatingAir conditioning in bedrooms – Most living areas don’t have A/C.$500 a month or less

Wedidn’t have definite ideas about the location, as we weren’t familiar with the town. We just wanted to be within a 10-15 minute motorbike ride of the old town và the beach. Staying near An Bang beach would be nice but prices are higher.

Contact An Agent

The easiest way khổng lồ find a house khổng lồ rent is lớn liên hệ Nha Toi Real Estate who are used to working with foreigners. We contacted Alex before we arrived and arranged an appointment for our first day. Our options were limited as we were only initially renting for one month, & we arrived just before Tet, the biggest holiday of the year.

We saw three houses ranging from $400-500. All had at least two bedrooms, A/C in the bedrooms, a washing machine, couch, dining table, and basic Vietnamese wet room bathroom. They were decent và could have sầu worked, but they felt a bit gloomy lớn us & lacked homely touches. They are really phối up for longer term rentals, although landlords were open to lớn lending us kitchen equipment when it wasn’t included.

Post in Facebook Groups

Before we arrived, we also posted messages in the Facebook groups Hoi An Expats và Danang Hoi An Expats. We received a number of responses, the most promising from Nigel at Hoi An Lotus Léman Luxury. As we weren’t too keen on the houses we’d seen, we went khổng lồ see the apartment later the same day & ended up renting it (details below).

Ask Around

The cheapest houses can be found from local contacts. “To Rent” signs seem rare in Hoi An, though, and this approach would take a lot more time.

Our Apartment in Hoi An

Hoi An Lotus Léman Luxury is owned by Nigel & Sally, a friendly Australian/Vietnamese couple. The three-storey house has an apartment on each level —they live in the ground floor apartment & rent the two above sầu. We rented the top floor apartment for $500 including all bills (the one below is slightly cheaper).

We chose our apartment over the houses we saw because we liked the quiet location in the countryside of Cam Ha. All the other houses were on suburban streets, whereas we were surrounded by farmers và rice fields. It was perfect for walks & runs as there isn’t much traffic on the narrow paths through the rice fields và nearby Tra Que vegetable gardens. It’s about 3 km from the old town và the same from An Bang beach.