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Many of its investors had been expecting the acquisition-hungry bank to lớn move overseas for its next big deal.
hungry for sth Analysts said investors were hungry for any information that could point the market in a direction.
His book is crammed with evidence & arguments that, even as prosperity has grown, so the army of the hungry has remained.
They were desperately hungry, he wrote, being allowed less food than other prisoners in the same gaol.
The saws used in double tend to be a lot hungrier, that is, they cut and draw more wood out with each stroke.
There is also information about some unusual language patterns eg adjectives that sometimes cannot stand alone (eg hungry for news, deaf to our pleas).
They did not have sầu to lớn travel far to lớn reach their fields & could protect crops from hungry animals & humans.
The colonial picture of an indiscriminately poor and hungry northern savanna was entrenched by the 1930s.
Equally, another might move sầu earlier & risk the chance of going hungry khổng lồ experience higher unique hosts over a larger area.
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a family unit that includes grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, and uncles, etc. in addition khổng lồ parents và children

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