A link to the 2nd raw chapter of the other otome hametsu manga: bakarina alter ( i reincarnated into an otome game as a villainess with only destruction flags

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I reincarnated into lớn an otome game as a villainess with only destruction flags… ★

Author: Yamaguđưa ra SatoruTranslator: imperfectluck

I recovered my past memories when I was hit on the head by a roông chồng. I am Katarina Claes, the eight year old daughter of the duke. In a feverish nightmare, during which I became the prince’s fiancee, I have sầu realized that this is an otome game from my previous life. Also, I’ve sầu turned into the villainess that interfered with the romance of the capture targets… If the heroine got a happy end, I would be exiled, while if she got a bad end, I would be killed by the capture target… I have no happy end!? Why is it only bad!? Somehow I have sầu khổng lồ avoid the destruction kết thúc, & reach old age peacefully!!

Novel Adaptation


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01 – I remembered my previous life02 – The engagement was decided03 – Strategy meeting04 – A destruction flag has come05 – My stepbrother has arrived06 – Interacting with my stepbrother07 – My stepbrother’s magic is quite powerful08 – My stepbrother became a hikikomori shut-in09 – Becoming Keith Claes10 – I was invited khổng lồ a tea party11 – I discovered the truth12 – I was challenged lớn a match13 – I changed the type of match14 – Being born as the fourth prince15 – I got a new hobbySide story 1 – Working as the Claes family head gardener16 – I invited my friend17 – Reading books by myself in a gilded cage18 – I went over lớn play at the earl’s house19 – Meeting a strange girlđôi mươi – I celebrated my birthday21 – Working as a Claes family maid21.5 – Light novel extra chapter 122 – Together againSide story 2 – Working as the Claes family head maid23 – I enrolled in magic school24 – I begged for sweets25 – I stole an sự kiện again26 – They hotline me a special girlSide story 3 – Noble wives’ tea party27 – Mother & daughterSide story 4 – Entering magic schoolSide story 5 – Noble wives’ tea tiệc nhỏ, again28 – I fell inkhổng lồ a pinch29 – I forgot something important30 – My heart is in a mess31 – Having met youSide story 6 – Having met you +32 – This is my world33 – I said something was impossible34 – The magic was cancelledSide story 7 – About the engagement35 – The graduation ceremony has arrivedSide story 8 – I was found out – EpilogueSide story 9 – About what happened khổng lồ “that”

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