Intel hd graphics driver là gì

Use the instructions in the methods below khổng lồ identify the graphics controller in your computer (also known as a đoạn phim card or graphics card) before installing a graphics driver.

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If you need to lớn identify your graphics driver version, see What's My® Graphics Driver Version?

Method 1: Use® Driver và Support Assistant to lớn Automatically Detect your Graphics Controller (Recommended)

Download® Driver & Support Assistant.



NoteIf you see the adapter listed only as® HD Graphics without any numerical identifier, or if you cannot identify your adapter using either of the methods detailed here, follow these steps:

Method 2: Manual Identification

Open Device Managerby simultaneously pressingthe Windows and X keys on your keyboard.SelectDevice Managerto open it.

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ClickYeswhen prompted for permission from User Account Control.Cliông xã Display adapters to lớn expvà it.cảnh báo the graphics controller identifier listed.




Once you have identified your controller, you can find the lathử nghiệm drivers for your system by utilizing the® Driver và Support Assistant or by searching for them manually on the Download Center.

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