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somewhere where someone is quoc.leviet và somewhere is email.comI did my undergraduate at ANU và NICTA (Canberra, Australia), under the supervision of Professor Alex Smola.

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I was also a retìm kiếm visitor at Dept Schölkopf, Max Planchồng Institute for Biological Cybernetidramrajani.com (Tübinren, Germany).Recent publications: (All publications)A. Neelakanrã, L. Vilnis, Q.V. Le, I. Sutskever, L. Kaiser, K. Kurach, J. MartensAdding Gradient Noise Improves Learning for Very Deep NetworksarXiv, năm ngoái. M.T. Luong, Q.V. Le, I. Sutskever, O. Vinyals, L. KaiserMultitask Sequence to lớn Sequence LearningarXiv, năm ngoái. A. Neelakantan, Q.V. Le, I. SutskeverNeural Programmer: Inducing Latent Programs With Gradient DescentarXiv, năm ngoái. N. Jaitly, Q.V. Le, O. Vinyals, I. Sutskever, S. BengioAn Online Sequence-to-Sequence Model Using Partial ConditioningarXiv, 2015. A. Dai, Q.V. LeSemi-supervised Sequence LearningNIPS, 2015. Q.V. LeA Tutorial on Deep LearningLecture Notes, 2015. Part 1: Nonlinear Classifiers và The Backpropagation Algorithm,Part 2: Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Networks & Recurrent Neural NetworksVideos & Descriptions (courtesy of Gaurav Trivedi)W.

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Chan, N. Jaitly, Q.V. Le, O. VinyalsListen, Attend & Spell
arXiv năm ngoái. O. Vinyals, Q.V. LeA Neural Conversational ModelICML Deep Learning Workshop, arXiv năm ngoái. Q. V. Le, N. Jaitly, G. E. HintonA Simple Way to lớn Initialize Recurrent Networks of Rectified Linear UnitsarXiv, năm ngoái. T.M. Luong, I. Sutskever, Q.V. Le, O. Vinyals, W. ZarembaAddressing the Rare Word Problem in Neural Machine TranslationACL năm ngoái. I. Sutskever, O. Vinyals, Q. V. LeSequence to lớn Sequence Learning with Neural NetworksNIPS 2014. Software & useful links:My 3-hour lectures on deep learning. My notes are divided inlớn two parts: Part1 và Part 2.Code for training deep autoencoder with L-BFGS (See this paper; this implementation is not optimized for speed)Stacked ISA for Videos (state-of-the-art video clip features, see our CVPR 2011 paper)TCNN code (improving convolutional neural networks with untied weights).Invariance visualization (visualization techniques for optimal stimuli and inviariances).Proximal optimization (stabilizing online gradient descent, such as Pegasos, with proximity).Some code is in ELEFANT or also in MLOSS (a general machine learning toolbox for kernel methods, graphical models, decision trees etc.)Some other is in BMRM (probably one of the first Map-Reduce style machine learning toolboxes). CoFiRank (a large scale collaborative sầu ranking toolbox).I previously contributed lớn ROS (Robot Operating System).Workshops organized:David Lopez-Paz, Alex Smola và I organized a worksiêu thị at NIPS"2013: Randomized Methods for Machine Learning. Yoshua Bengio, James Bergstra, và I organized a workshop at NIPS"2012:Deep Learning and Unsupervised Feature Learning, NIPS"2012. Marc"Aurelio Ranzato, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Andrew Y. Ng và Josh Tenenbaum và I organized a workshop at NIPS"2011:Challenges in Learning Hierarchical Models: Transfer Learning & Optimization. Misc:Me at Kioloa.STAIR project