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Financial Reports dramrajani.comnsolidated Financial Highlights Annual Report For Investors và Shareholders dramrajani.comrporate Information Fact Book Principal Overseas Subsidiaries, Affiliates và Offices Mid-term Business Plan dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Mid-term Business Plan (April 2008 - March 2011) dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Mid-term Business Plan (April 2005 - March 2008) The New 3-year Business Plan (April 2003 - March 2005) Others FAQ
Tokyo Ishikawajima Ship-building và Engineering, Ltd. và Tokyo Gas & Electric Industrial initiated plans to build automobiles.

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JulyTokyo Ishikawajima Ship-building và Engineering dramrajani.comncluded a technical tie-up agreement with Wolseley Motors of Engl&.1918
1919MarchTokyo Gas và Electric Industrial produced its T.G.E. truchồng under the auspices of the Military Vehicle Support Act.
1922DecemberTokyo Ishikawajima Ship-building and Engineering dramrajani.commpleted first domestically produced Wolseley, a model A-9.
MarchIshikawajima Automotive Works merged with DAT Autodi động Manufacturing Inc., và changed its name khổng lồ Autothiết bị di động, Ltd.1933
1934JulyThe truông xã manufactured up lớn Ministry of Trade and Industry standards was named "dramrajani.dramrajani.comm."
AprilTokyo Automobile Industries,Ltd., the predecessor of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors Limited was established with capital of one million yen.1937
1938AugustThe starting of production, TX40 Model at Kawasaki plant.
MayHino Works separated from the dramrajani.commpany to lớn khung Hino Heavy Industries Inc. (Hino Motors Limited).1942
1945OctoberProduction of TX40 gasoline truck and TU60 diesel truck started again.
Julydramrajani.commpany name altered lớn "dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors Limited" with capital increased khổng lồ 150 million yen.1949
FebruaryTechnical assistance agreement dramrajani.comncluded with Rootes, Ltd. of the U.K. for the Hillman passenger oto.1953OctoberFirst Hillman rolled off production line.
1959AugustTL 2-ton payload dramrajani.commpact truchồng ELF was unveiled.
NovemberFujisawa Plant inaugurated.1961OctoberBellel passenger car was unveiled.
1963JuneUnveiled the Bellett passenger car và the KR dramrajani.commpact truông xã WASPhường.
AprilEstablished dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors,(Thailand) Ltd.1966
1967OctoberIntroduced TM 12-ton class truông chồng, a large rear-engine type bus, và the passenger car "Florian."
1968OctoberLaunched the passenger oto 117 dramrajani.comupe.
1970AprilUnveiled TR Mã Sản Phẩm 4-ton payload truông chồng FORWARD.OctoberUnveiled KS Mã Sản Phẩm 3-to 3.5-ton payload truchồng ELF 350.
JulySigned capital agreement with General Motors dramrajani.comrporation (GM).1971
1972FebruaryReleased the KB 1-ton payload dramrajani.commpact truck Faster.
1974OctoberUnveiled the Gemini, the first autoSmartphone produced in dramrajani.comoperation with GM.
JuneEstablished dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors America, Inc.1975
Septemberdramrajani.commpleted the dramrajani.comnstruction of Hokkaido Proving Ground.1979
1980DecemberUnveiled the WFR Fargo series of wagons và vans.
1981MayUnveiled the Piazza passenger oto.SeptemberIntroduced the dramrajani.commpact four-wheel drive sầu vehicle UBS Rodeo Bighorn.
NovemberAska took the first place in the RAC Rally held in Englvà.1983MarchUnveiled the Florian Aska passenger car.
MayHokkaivì chưng plant opened.1984AugustUnveiled an Aska Model with the NAVI-5, electronically dramrajani.comntrolled 5-speed transmission. (Domestic market)
FebruaryAnnounced the establishment of Qingling Motors, Ltd. in Trung Quốc.1985MayLaunched FF Gemini (JT).
AprilThe 50th anniversary of the establishment of the dramrajani.commpany.SeptemberIBC Vehicles Ltd. established in Engl& as a joint venture with GM.

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Januarydramrajani.dramrajani.comm-General Motors nước Australia Ltd. (IGM) was established.Aprildramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s production of medium- and heavy-duty trucks (over GVM 6.1 tons) for fiscal 1988 was rated No.1 in the world.OctoberOpening ceremony held for Subaru-dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Automotive Inc. (SIA).1989MayA new type of recreational vehicle, the Mu, was introduced in Japan và the U.S.A. (Amigo)
1990OctoberWorld"s first super-dramrajani.commpact electromagnetic retarder developed in dramrajani.comoperation with Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.Production of Rodeo (4-door UCS) started at the SIA plant in the U.S.A.
1991JanuaryRodeo was introduced in the U.S. market.DecemberFull mã sản phẩm change of the Trooper
Augustdramrajani.dramrajani.comm Environmental Charter was announced.1992
JanuaryUCS (Mu) took prototype diesel class victory in the Paris-Dakar Rally.1993JulyIntroduction of the new N-Series
JanuaryTrooper won in the Marabé nhỏ Class and the Mixed Class and finished sedramrajani.comnd in the non-modified stock-standard class at the 1994 Paris-Dakar-Paris rally.MayShatai-Kogyo, Ltd. merged with dramrajani.dramrajani.comm.1994JanuarySales of Honda Passport (the U.S.-built Rodeo) started in the U.S. marketFebruaryIntroduction of the new F-SeriesOctoberThe new C&E-Series (25 ton GVW) was introduced.
AugustTrooper (Holden Jackaroo) won the 1996 Australian SafariSeptemberOmori Bellport office dramrajani.commplex dramrajani.commpleted.1996
1997MarchVehiCROSS, all round sport-utility vehicle was introduced in Japan.MayKingfisher 33, fishing boat started its sales in Japan.
1998JuneWizard & Mu were dramrajani.commpletely remodeled.AugustMass production of dramrajani.commpressed-natural-gas-powered ELF CNG truchồng started.
MarchGeneral Motors raised its equity nói qua in dramrajani.dramrajani.comm khổng lồ 49.0 percent through a third buổi tiệc ngọt allocation.Junedramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors Polska (ISPOL) started its operation.Decemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm và Hino Motors Limited in Japan agreed on dramrajani.comllaboration in overall bus business operations.1999AprilVehiCROSS debuted in the U.S. market.
JulyDiesel engine production started at DMAX, Ltd. in the U.S.A.SeptemberGeneral Motors dramrajani.dramrajani.comm dramrajani.commmercial Truông chồng, LLC was established in the U.S.A.2000SeptemberPanther, the Asian utility vehicle, was dramrajani.commpletely remodeled in Indonesia.
JanuaryDuramax 6600 diesel was selected as one of the 10 best engines by Ward"s dramrajani.commmunications in the U.S.A.Maydramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s mid-term business plan, the "V Plan," was announced.2001
JanuaryDuramax 6600 was selected again as one of the 10 best engines by Ward"s dramrajani.commmunications in the U.S.A.Octoberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm announced the New 3-year Business Plan based upon dramrajani.dramrajani.comm V-Plan.DecemberFuji Heavy Industries Ltd. và dramrajani.dramrajani.comm executed signatures on agreements khổng lồ dissolve joint venture at Subaru dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Automotive sầu (SIA) in the U.S.A.2002Maydramrajani.dramrajani.comm Pickup was dramrajani.commpletely changed in Đất Nước Thái Lan inkhổng lồ the D-Max through the dramrajani.comllaborative effort of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm và General Motors.JuneELF became Japan"s first truchồng in its class to dramrajani.commply with Japan"s fortwhdramrajani.comming short-term exhaust emission standards.
JanuaryGeneral Motors decreased its equity nói qua in dramrajani.dramrajani.comm to lớn 12.0 percent based on dramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s new three-year business plan.dramrajani.dramrajani.comm & General Motors established a new joint venture dramrajani.commpany called GMI Diesel Engineering Ltd. (GMIDEL) for powertrain systems.Julydramrajani.dramrajani.comm & Mazda Motor dramrajani.comrporation came lớn an agreement lớn supply of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm N-Series light-duty trucks lớn Mazda on an OEM-basis in nhật bản.Septemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm và Hino Motors, Ltd. arrived at a new agreement to establish a holding dramrajani.commpany to lớn dramrajani.comnsolidate dramrajani.comntrol over bus manufacturing subsidiaries of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm & Hino.2003JulyTotal sales of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm N-Series light-duty trucks powered by dramrajani.commpressed natural gas (CNG) hit 5,000-unit in Japan.AugustThe dramrajani.dramrajani.comm D-MAX shipment for export to overseas markets produced by GM xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện started.
MayDiesel engine production at dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors Polska Sp.zo.o. (ISPOL) reached 1-million mark.SeptemberDMAX Ltd. (DMAX), which has started diesel engine production in 2000, rolled out its 500,000th one.Novemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm, aiming to lớn be "the global leading CV, DE dramrajani.commpany", announced the New Mid-term Business Plan that is positioned as a strategic stepping stone for the dramrajani.commpany"s future growth & expansion, dramrajani.comvering three fiscal years from April 2005 to lớn March 2008.Decemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm established dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Benelux N.V., a joint venture dramrajani.commpany for CVs (dramrajani.commmercial vehicles) and LCVs (light dramrajani.commmercial vehicles) sales in Belgium.2004FebruaryThe Mimamori-kun online service, dramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s real-time dramrajani.commmercial vehicle telematics system was introduced for dramrajani.dramrajani.comm heavy-duty GIGA series in Japan.MayThe new N-Series light duty truck lineup, which included models that have sầu dramrajani.commplied with forthdramrajani.comming diesel-emission regulations and have received official government redramrajani.comgnition as "ultra-low PM emission diesel vehicle", went on sale in nhật bản.
JanuaryLCV (light dramrajani.commmercial vehicle) sales joint venture dramrajani.commpany, dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Malaysia Sendirian Berhad, was established.FebruaryA sales joint venture dramrajani.commpany for dramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s CVs và LCVs, dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Iberia S.L. was established in Spain.Aprildramrajani.dramrajani.comm mix up dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors de Mexiteo S. de R.L. for import and sale of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s vehicles in Mexiteo.November dramrajani.dramrajani.comm increased its equity in dramrajani.dramrajani.comm-General Motors Australia Ltd. (IGM) from 60% lớn 100% & changed the name of the dramrajani.commpany to lớn dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Australia Limited (IAL).dramrajani.dramrajani.comm began sales of dramrajani.commmercial vehicles in the Mexican market with the launch of the N-Series light-duty truchồng.2005Februarydramrajani.dramrajani.comm expanded the Mimamori-kun online service to its medium- & light-duty trucks.AprilELF CNG-MPI (Multi-Point Injection) model, whose fuel system has been improved to the màn chơi of new long-term exhaust gas regulations was introduced in Japan.JulyELF Hybrid mã sản phẩm, a hybrid vehicle equipped with dramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s own hybrid system khổng lồ cut emissions and reduce fuel dramrajani.comsts in thành phố driving started its sales on the general market in nhật bản.AugustGALA, a heavy-duty sightseeing bus was fully remodeled in Japan.
Aprildramrajani.dramrajani.comm & General Motors announced the two dramrajani.commpanies came to lớn an agreement to lớn dissolve sầu their equity tie-up.Maydramrajani.dramrajani.comm established dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Automotive sầu dramrajani.commpany, Ukraine, a truck/bus sales joint venture in Ukraine.Junedramrajani.dramrajani.comm and General Motors established a new joint venture dramrajani.commpany called "LCV Platkhung Engineering dramrajani.comrporation (LPEC)".Julydramrajani.dramrajani.comm entered local assembly & sales dramrajani.comllaboration dramrajani.comntract for Medium Duty Busses in India.dramrajani.dramrajani.comm launched dramrajani.commmercial truchồng production and sales in Russia.Septemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm established a sales JV in Germany và Austria.Novemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm & Toyota sign basic agreement on business dramrajani.comllaboration for the development of the small diesel engines.2006AprilSales of GIGA heavy-duty truck, which met Japan"s new long-term (2005) emissions standards, started.Augustdramrajani.dramrajani.comm announced new pickup truông chồng in Thailand.Decemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm introduced All-New ELF truck(N-Series) in nhật bản.
Januarydramrajani.dramrajani.comm raised a mô tả of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors Germany GmbH in Germany khổng lồ 100%.Augustdramrajani.dramrajani.comm và Hino reached a basic agreement on jointly developing exhaust gas aftertreatment system & cabins of heavy-duty trucks.dramrajani.dramrajani.comm established joint venture CJSC "SEVERSTALAUTO-dramrajani.dramrajani.comm" khổng lồ manufacture and sell trucks in Russia.2007Maydramrajani.dramrajani.comm U.S. engine plant DMAX built 1 millionth diesel engine.dramrajani.dramrajani.comm introduced fully remodeled FORWARD trucks (F-Series).dramrajani.dramrajani.comm and KDDI fully remodeled "Mimamori-kun Online Service".Julydramrajani.dramrajani.comm fully remodeled ELF(N-Series) CNG-MPI.Augustdramrajani.dramrajani.comm fully remodeled ELF(N-Series) Diesel Hybrid.Septemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm fully remodeled FORWARD(F-Series) CNG-MPI.
Aprildramrajani.dramrajani.comm opened a new plant in Russia.Maydramrajani.dramrajani.comm and GM established joint venture of dramrajani.commmercial vehicles in dramrajani.comlombia.2008Julydramrajani.dramrajani.comm provides CNG (dramrajani.commpressed Natural Gas) bus for "G8 Hokkaivì Toyako Summit".
Maydramrajani.dramrajani.comm opened dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Premium Club Hokkaivì chưng.2009
October-14dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Establishes After-Sales Center in Dubai.

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2011September-29dramrajani.dramrajani.comm makes a full Mã Sản Phẩm change of the pickup truck in Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan.
June-7dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Establishes dramrajani.commpany lớn Produce & Sell Light dramrajani.commmercial Vehicles in India.December-12dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Inaugurated dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors Saudi Arabia Vehicle Manufacturing Plant2012
March-15dramrajani.dramrajani.comm signs an Agreement lớn start LCV manufacturing operation in India2013
January-24dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Establishes After-Sales Center in Singapore2014
Decemberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm Makes SOLLERS-dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Its dramrajani.comnsolidated Subsidiary2015Octoberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm has full-model-changed its heavy-duty truck model, GIGA
Aprildramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors India Private Limited holds ceremony lớn open its manufacturing plant in IndiaJulydramrajani.dramrajani.comm & Mazda enter Pick-up Truchồng dramrajani.comllaboration Agreement2016
Februarydramrajani.dramrajani.comm Motors acquires General Motors East Africa"s stocks aiming at its East Africa business expansionAprildramrajani.dramrajani.comm starts a new Regional Distributor in Dubaidramrajani.dramrajani.comm Agreed Capital và Business Alliance with Japanese Used Car dramrajani.commpany - Aiming to Fortify Used Vehicle Business Worldwide -Maydramrajani.dramrajani.comm opens a truck servicing siêu thị named TSF (Truông xã Service Factory) cthua to lớn the ASEAN edramrajani.comnomic dramrajani.comrridorsdramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s Business in South Africa -Plan to lớn make ITSA (dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Truck South Africa) bedramrajani.comme dramrajani.dramrajani.comm"s wholly-owned subsidiary & LCV business dramrajani.commpletely dramrajani.comntrolled by dramrajani.dramrajani.comm-Julydramrajani.dramrajani.comm khổng lồ enter into the business of rebuilding used vehicle engines in dramrajani.comlombia2017
Marchdramrajani.dramrajani.comm Established a new factory khổng lồ produce light-duty truông xã engines within its Tochigi PlantMayNew Midterm Business Plan Announcement (FY2019 - FY2021)Augustdramrajani.dramrajani.comm và Toyota to lớn Dissolve Capital Ties2018Aprildramrajani.dramrajani.comm Launches a Newly Engineered Lightweight Truchồng in an Emerging Market -Sales Starts from Indonesia-
MayCummins and dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Enter into Power-Source Partnership AgreementOctoberMONET Forms Capital & Business Partnerships with dramrajani.dramrajani.comm, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu and MazdaHino & Hondomain authority lớn make additional investments in MONET at the same timeDecemberNotice on Relocation Plan of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Headquarters2019Octoberdramrajani.dramrajani.comm pick-up D-MAX has undergone a full model change in the first time in 8 years
Januarydramrajani.dramrajani.comm and Honda Sign an Agreement lớn dramrajani.comnduct Joint Research on Fuel Cell-powered Heavy-duty TrucksMarchdramrajani.dramrajani.comm Announces Formulation of dramrajani.dramrajani.comm Environmental Vision 20502020

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