The best ways to get from mui ne to hoi an

Know before you goThere is 1 operator that run from Mui Ne lớn Hoi An, with 1 departure per day. If you decide to take a bus, you can take the Local sleeping option.

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About the ride from Mui Ne to lớn Hoi An

Traveling by bus through Vietphái mạnh is a classic Southeast Asia backpacker experience. You’ll pass by loads of places you wouldn’t otherwise see if you were staying in one spot, & you’ll also get the chance to meet lots of fellow travelers along the way. Let’s get going!

The 725 kilometers (450 miles) distance from Mui Ne to Hoi An, for example, is a well-known bus route. In fact, the type of bus we recommover is actually a sleeper bus. This means the seats recline horizontally, & you get a cozy blanket khổng lồ keep you warm as you curl up.

Air-conditioning on sleeper buses is on all the time. It can be a blessing và a curse. Just make sure khổng lồ pachồng a warm sweater rather than sticking to beachwear for the journey. Also, eye masks, earplugs, và sleep cushions are all worth adding khổng lồ your h& luggage.

The sleeper bus service organized by Hanh Café also includes snacks và drinks. It takes 13-hours to lớn get from Mui Ne to Hoi An, which includes a two-hour rest stop in Nha Trang—don’t forget your swimmers. Comfort breaks will also be made on either side of Nha Trang.

Tickets for this particular sleeper bus start from as little as US$19. This one-way service leaves from the company office in Mui Ne và arrives at Hanh Café bus station in Hoi An. Buses are clean, comfortable và well maintained. You’re in safe hands.

Bus transport from Mui Ne khổng lồ Hoi An tends to depart just after midday và arrive sầu very early the next morning. Anticipate a bleary-eyed where am I vibe. Booking accommodation in Hoi An in advance is the best way to avoid getting taken for a ride by khách sạn touts at 2 am.

If you’d prefer khổng lồ take the train on this route, it’s possible to lớn vì so. However, it’s a slightly more convoluted experience. Basically, it involves taking a taxi to Muong Mai from Mui Ne before jumping on the train lớn Da Nang & then getting a taxi khổng lồ Hoi An.

It"s a much more expensive option. Train tickets start from around US$65, and then you’ve got the taxi fares on top. Also, it takes longer by train. So, we can confidently say that train travel is not the best way khổng lồ get from Mui Ne to Hoi An.

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What khổng lồ see when traveling from Mui Ne to lớn Hoi An

You’ll actually get to see a fair bit on this route. It’s a long journey & also includes a two-and-a-half-hour stopover in Nha Trang. That’s good news for anyone that fancies a bit of beach time four hours inkhổng lồ the trip.

It"s mainly a coastal road, so keep a lookout for several seaside towns & smaller fishing villages along the way. You’ll also be following the main highway north, which generally features the usual merry-go-round of trucks, buses, cars và motor scooters.

There may be a chance lớn see the sun go down across the South China Sea, always a highlight, but don’t ngân hàng on it because you could be further inl& depending on how fast your bus is going.

As night falls, brightly-colored markets & street food stalls begin to lớn border the road. Neon cửa hàng signs & well-lit service stations will then guide your way through lớn Hoi An. The 2 am arrival in the dark can be bewildering, but it’s all in the adventure, right?

How to lớn get from Mui Ne to lớn Hoi An

Taking a sleeper bus from Mui Ne lớn Hoi An

The best way to lớn travel from Mui Ne lớn Hoi An is by sleeper bus. Buses are organized by the well-established local company, Hanh Café. Tickets are very affordable & include comfortable reclining seats as well as a well-stocked snack và drinks basket.

There’s one departure each day that rides through the afternoon and into lớn the night. Comfort breaks will be made at service stations along the way, including a two-hour break in Nha Trang for some well-deserved rest và recreation on the trắng sand beaches.

Taking a train from Mui Ne to lớn Hoi An

If you’re wondering, how vày I get from Mui Ne khổng lồ Hoi An by train? Please don’t. It is possible, but it takes forever và includes a couple of xe taxi rides rather than a direct rail route. So, it ends up being time-consuming & expensive sầu.

Sleeper buses are far more fun but just make sure to lớn have your accommodation in Hoi An booked in advance. There’s nothing fun about turning up at two in the morning and being bombarded with touts trying khổng lồ take you to their hotel.