1 old-fashioned + literary —used lớn correct what has just been said by replacing a word with one that is more accurate or appropriate The letter made him happy, ni, ecstatic.Joseph was an elderly, ni, an old man—very old, perhaps, though hale & sinewy.— Emily Brontë… bodies of work that have sầu shown themselves lớn be crucial khổng lồ an understanding of the art—nay, the culture—of our times.— Carter Ratcliff

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2 old-fashioned : no Only one councillor voted ni on the proposal. I dare not say hyên ni. <=I dare not say no to him> … he was young và too good-natured lớn say ni to lớn any woman who wooed hyên.— Samuel Butler "Gold digging, sir?" "Nay, sir," answered I, starting, "I was merely—ahem!—merely—I say I was merely digging-round my chimney."— Herman Melville

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Adverb Nay, I do not wish lớn go. I was angry—nay, furious—at the way they were treating that poor dog. Noun when the votes were tallied, it was 241 yeas & 54 nays gave sầu a resounding nay to the request for a mixed-company camping trip
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Recent Examples on the Web: Adverb So, coming live from my Van Down By the River, Old Prospector"s pickaxe cộ in my right hvà, Cowbell in my left, Opera Man wig on my head, El Nino thundering away above it, here are the eight footballers who could, ni should, host SNL. —, "8 Footballers Who Absolutely Have sầu lớn Host Saturday Night Live," 9 Oct. 2019 Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Yea or nay:Who is for, against Cincinnati’s affordable housing charter amendment? — Hannah K. Sparling, The Enquirer, "Issue 3: Who is funding the campaigns for, against Cincinnati’s affordable housing amendment," 22 Apr. 2021 Whether Hey or nay, responding to lớn emails in batches is far better than in a continuous stream of low-màn chơi productivity between nine và five. — Jodie Cook, Forbes, "E-Mail Is Broken And The Founders Of Basecamp Are Fixing It," 19 Aquảng cáo. 2021 As for our 30-year-old son living in Thành Phố New York, I FaceTimed or Zoomed with him lớn go through his items one by one, getting a yea or ni for each cửa nhà. — Washington Post, "The pandemic gave me the time lớn finally clean out my shameful attic. Here’s what I learned.," 21 Jan. 2021 Lamar Jackson is clearing — nay, deodorizing — the air over his temporary departure from the field during Monday night"s game. — Jen Juneau,, "Lamar Jackson Hilariously Responds After Fans Speculate He Rushed Off Field to lớn Go lớn the Bathroom," 15 Dec. 20trăng tròn The law, named for Ka"Mauri Harrison, a Woodmere Elementary student who served a six-day suspension in September, sailed through the Louisiamãng cầu Legislature this year without a nay vote. — Faitháng Roberts,, "Here"s why the Jefferson School Board plans khổng lồ challenge the new Ka"Mauri Harrison law in court," 2 Dec. 20đôi mươi The nay votes came from Steve sầu Fletcher, Jeremiah Ellison, Cam Gordon, Phillipe Cunningmê say, Lisa Bender & Jeremy Schroeder. — Editorial Board Star Tribune, Star Tribune, "Mpls. City Council should OK police chief"s request for funding," 12 Nov. 20đôi mươi If a state delegation is deadlocked, they aren’t counted as a yea or ni for either candidate, said Edward Foley, constitutional law professor at Ohio State University. — Sarah D. Wire, Los Angeles Times, "President Pelosi? Odds are low, but here’s how it could happen," 29 Oct. 20đôi mươi Unique among series-production vehicles, Rolls-Royces feature—nay, are built around—classic coach doors, even on two-door models like Wraith. — Dan Neil, WSJ, "Rolls-Royce’s $400,000 Attempt at a Low-Key, ‘Minimalist’ Sedan," 30 Sep. 20đôi mươi

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