Bao Tin Steel is the official agent of Hoa Phat steel pipe factory, specializing in providing all kinds of steel pipes, steel boxes of Hoa Phat br& with the best price on the market.. 

Hoa Phat steel pipe products include: blachồng steel pipe (blaông chồng welded steel pipe), hot-dip galvanized steel pipe (double-sided plating inside & out), blachồng box steel, hot-dip galvanized box steel. Steel pipes: There are all comtháng pipe sizes from 21.2 to 219.1milimet, thickness from 1.6milimet khổng lồ 7.92mm… Steel pipes are manufactured according lớn BS 1387/1985 – ASTM A53 – JIS standards. Steel box: sizes from 12x12mm to lớn 200x100milimet, 150x150mm… To get the most accurate information, please liên hệ us directly, or email/fax for advice & provide detailed information.

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0.1 Advantages of Hoa Phat steel pipe1 Hoa Phat steel pipe weight regulation

Advantages of Hoa Phat steel pipe

1 Blaông chồng steel pipe

+ Blaông xã steel pipe is a type of steel pipe that has not been galvanized or painted outside. Steel pipe has a blaông xã or blue-màu đen of iron oxide layer produced during hot rolling of billet. (Different from White steel produced during cold rolling of billet).

+ Black steel pipe with high hardness, good bearing capathành phố, low rust, low maintenance requirements and diverse sizes, so it is used in many different industries. At the same time, the price is lower than other types of steel pipes, so it will help contractors save sầu construction costs


Customers in Da Nang need lớn buy Hoa Phat steel pipes, please tương tác us Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd. Hotline: 0932059176 lớn receive sầu an accurate quote. Because steel prices often change over time, the price lists we provide on the website are for reference only. Currently, Hoa Phat is producing on the market many types of steel pipes: blaông xã steel pipes, hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, galvanized steel coils, industrial shaped steels, large steel pipes và especially super-thiông xã steel pipes. .

How to buy at Bao Tin Steel Co., Ltd

We deliver locally

Step 1: You sover an order for us to check inventory và quote.

Step 2: Bao Tin Steel Galvanized steel pipe quotation Hoa Phat, shipping fee, khung of payment.

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Step 3: You deposit or pay the order value.

Step 4: Bao Tin Steel delivered.

Step 5: You receive the goods & kiểm tra the quantity of Hoa Phat steel pipes in Da Nang at the construction site or warehouse, sign the delivery records, receive & kiểm tra the VAT invoice, receive the factory’s original quality certificate màn chơi.

Step 6: You pay the remaining amount of goods (if any).

We sell products with absolute prestige, so you can rest assured when buying Hoa Phat steel pipe at Bao Tin Steel.



Vietnam: 551/156 Le Van Khuong Street, Hiep Thanh khô Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh city