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6th Post Combustion Capture Conference

19th-21st October2021

Virtual, Online

5th Post Combustion Capture Conference(Past Conference)

17th-19th September 2019Kyoto lớn, Japan
4th Post Combustion Capture Conference(Past Conference)5th-8th September 2017Birmingmê mệt, Alabama
3rd Post Combustion Capture Conference(Past Conference)8th-11th September 2015Regimãng cầu, Canada
2nd Post Combustion Capture Conference(Past Conference)17th - 20th September 2013Berren, Norway
1st Post Combustion Capture Conference(Past Conference)17th - 19th May 2011Abu Dhabi

Since the international capture network has started in 2000 with the last meeting being held in Regina, Canada, it has been a successful sự kiện & a very important gathering for post-combustion capture experts to lớn cốt truyện their knowledge, findings and expertise. As a result of the increasing interest and number of operating projects in the post-combustion capture area, the number of attendees & submitted abstracts for this network has grown dramatically.

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Therefore, due to the overwhelming success of the twelve sầu previous international capture Network meetings held globally, it has been decided khổng lồ respond lớn this growing interest in post-combustion capture technologies by developing the network inkhổng lồ a full Post-Combustion Capture Conference, while keeping the network format abstract-presentation without producing full papers for the conference proceedings.

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This post-combustion capture conference aims khổng lồ be a diễn đàn lớn discuss the various issues related to lớn post-combustion capture technologies status và development. The post-combustion capture conference will be the opportunity to encourage technologies providers and developers khổng lồ tóm tắt their experiences and knowledge. Even though this conference will cover all aspects of developments relevant lớn post-combustion capture, it will give special attention to the capture pilot plants and large scale demonstration projects results, challenges and future plans.

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