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a slyên chance/possibility A member of the board said there was only a slyên chance of the merger succeeding.
a sllặng company or organization is one that has been made smaller, and often more effective, by reducing the number of employees it has:
The result of the changes is a slimmer organization that is better able lớn respond khổng lồ its customers.
to lớn reduce the number of people who work in a company or organization, often so that it operates more effectively:
The solution is a familiar one & it entails slimming down procedures & simplifying them to lớn some extent.
I am in the process of slimming down membership by about one-third, và the chairman has reorganised the committee structure.
The nhận xét will consider the need for slimming down the curriculum và for simplifying the testing arrangements.
There has of course been some slimming down, because some of the former nationalised industries were extremely inefficient.
I will not talk about a decline of the coal industry; we are talking about a slimming down process—perhaps even a rejuvenation.
The 10 women"s weekly magazines examined included only eight slimming advertisements, which were all considered to lớn be in breach of the code.
The intense industry pressures also affect men and boys, growing numbers of whom are taking up the slimming craze.
I heard her say this on television recently; industry is being slimmed down; it is being made leaner.
Such drugs are made popular for all kinds of things, from slimming khổng lồ making people sleep better or feel more energetic.
The challenge khổng lồ achieve sầu self-sufficiency in food has produced a slimmed down, highly mechanised industry.
I have always understood that slimming is a temporary expedient và that, if carried too far, it generally results in the death of the patient.
Perhaps he might think about having a debate on the 40,000 civil servants who size part of the slimming down operation.
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a pair of tubes with glass lenses at either kết thúc that you look through to see things far away more clearly

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