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The DeckHouse Festival Menu

2019 An Bang Beach Food & Music Festival

Chechồng out what’s on The DeckHouse menu for the An Bang Beach Food & Music Festival this year.

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The DeckHouse Menu – Item # 1


Beef Skewers

BBQ beef served with Korean-style kimđưa ra in a blaông chồng pepper sauce

Menu Item # 2


Grilled Shrimp with Coconut Sauce

Shrimp marinated in coconut water và grilled

Served with salternative text, chili & letháng sauce

Menu Item # 3


Chocolate Banamãng cầu Pastry Puff

Thin, crispy pastry filled with chocolate và banana

Served with vanilla ice cream

Excited khổng lồ Eat?

We are too! And, we’re excited to lớn showcase The DeckHouse thực đơn for you.

Experience a truly unique evening out at the first An Bang Beach Food & Music Festival! We look forward to welcoming you to try the delicious fresh seafood, imported beef và magical dessert we’ve put together for the sự kiện.

See you then!

Early access to lớn exclusive events, specials & all the happenings at An Bang’s most inviting beach destination, Shore Club, delivered right lớn you.

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Far Left End, An Bang Beach

For bookings, contact us via tin nhắn or phone.

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Shore Club is open daily from 7:00 am lớn 11:00 pm for beachfront dining and drinks, with our kitchen closing at 9:30 pm daily.

MUSIC BY THE BEACHLive music select evenings from 5:30 pm; typically Wednesdays & Fridays.

From March, local và international DJs drop the beats for our sweet Sunphối Sessions every Sunday and select Saturdays.

See our Event Schedule.


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