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State-màn chơi research: Developing hot stamping mold manufacturing giải pháp công nghệ for autodi động và motorcycle parts

That is the main content of the project "Retìm kiếm and công nghệ transfer for designing và manufacturing hot stamping molds for autothiết bị di động & motorcycle spare parts for enterprises in the field of supporting industries" conducted by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Pđắm đuối Duc Cuong - Director of Institute of Technology, Hanoi University of Industry. At the Acceptance session of State-level scientific retìm kiếm topics in January 2022, the project was evaluated as a typical part of the Supporting Industry Development Program of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2021.


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The Announcement of the Resolution khổng lồ recognize the University Council, the Resolution to lớn appoint khổng lồ the position of Vice-President and khổng lồ establish the School of Languages và Tourism

On March 10, 2022, Hanoi University of Industry in collaboration with the Center for Education Accreditation - Vinh University held the Opening Ceremony of the External Evaluation of 04 training programs: Electrical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Human Resource Management, Garment and Textile Technology. to lớn award for Doctoral Degrees and Certificates of Merit from the Ministry of Industry and Trade lớn collectives và individuals with outstanding achievements in Science và Technology

Scientific seminar on Artificial Intelligence và its application in online training in Industry 4.0

A total of 8 outstanding achievements in 3 years at university such as ACCA Scholarship, “Confident lớn Shine” Scholarship in 2 continuous years, The Third Prize of Researching Science Conchạy thử of the University, Outstanding Student Title, Scholarship of the University in 3 continuous years… The achievements of Minch Luan – the last year student of Faculty of Auditing và Accounting are so admirable. Recently, she had answered an interview to lớn share her scholarship hunting experience with other students.