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Viet Nam is a thành viên of a constituency comprised of the following countries: Cambodia, Korea Dquảng cáo, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Đất Nước Thái Lan, Vietnam

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Trust FundProject TypeNumber of ProjectsTotal FinancingTotal Co-Financing

Focal AreaIndicative allocationAllocation utilizedAllocations remaining khổng lồ be programmed
Climate Change$11,355,053$9,124,600$2,230,453
Lvà Degradation$1,522,684$1,019,940$502,744

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GEF_IDProject NameFocal AreaAgencyProject TypeGEF GrantCofinancing
3665SFM: Sustainable Forest Land Management - under the Country Program Framework for Sustainable Forest Lvà ManagementMulti Focal AreaThe World BankFull-kích cỡ Project$4,195,000$50,000,000
3756CF: Reducing Industry’s Carbon Footprint In South East Asia Through Compliance With a Management System for Energy (ISO 50,000) (PROGRAM)Climate ChangeUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationFull-form size Project$0$0
4614Hospital Waste Management Support ProjectPersistent Organic PollutantsThe World BankFull-form size Project$7,000,000$150,000,000
4635LME-EA Scaling Up Partnership Investments for Sustainable Development of the Large Marine Ecosystems of East Asia and their Coasts (PROGRAM)Multi Focal AreaThe World BankFull-form size Project$9,400,000$0
4649GMS-FBP Greater Mekong Sub-region Forests & Biodiversity Program (PROGRAM) Climate ChangeAsian Development BankFull-kích cỡ Project$0$0
4936EAS Reducing Pollution & Rebuilding Degraded Marine Resources in the East Asian Seas through Implementation of Intergovernmental Agreements & Catalyzed Investments (PROGRAM)International WatersUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFull-size Project$0$0

Focal AreaIndicative allocationAllocation utilizedPIFs cleared by CEO awaiting approvalAllocations remaining khổng lồ be programmed
Biodiversity12,1đôi mươi,00012,114,63105,369
Climate Change13,890,00013,395,3690494,631
Land Degradation1,500,0002,000,0000-500,000

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Focal AreaGEF-4 Indicative Allocation*Allocation UtilizedPIFs cleared by CEO awaiting approvalAllocations remaining to be programmed
Climate Change$8,550,000$8,540,838$0$9,162

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