Hi All:I"ve sầu read many threads here about HOA battles. I have sầu a high top passenger and it is not converted. we use it as a daily driver for our large family and our HOA is saying it"s too tall lớn fit in the garage và thus can"t be kept here. The CC&R reads:(d) Trailers. Boats & Motor Vehicles: The use of automobiles, motorcycles, or motor-driven vehicles of any kind, other than landscape maintenance equipment, upon any Lot subject to lớn this Declaration shall be limited to the paved driveway và garage areas approved by the Architectural Committee. No thiết bị di động trang chính, trailer of any kind, permanent tent, or similar structure, and no truchồng camper or recreational motor trang chủ, or boat, or boat trailer, nor any motor vehicle shall be placed, maintained, constructed, reconstructed or repaired, upon any Lot within ***** ***** ******* except upon prior approval of the Association and in no case in such a manner as will be visible from neighboring property; provided, however, that the provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to lớn emergency repairs of vehicles or temporary construction shelters or facilities maintained during, và used exclusively in connection with, the construction of any work of improvement approved by the Architectural Committee. No abandoned vehicles of any nature shall be parked or stored on any Lot within ***** ***** *******.So it doesn"t clearly say anything about height, just that the vehicle needs khổng lồ be operated in the driveway & garage. It definitely fits in the driveway but not the garage và that"s gonna be a point I"ll have to figure out how lớn argue.Soooooo....here"s my question.Those who have won a similar issue with their HOA, what/how did you argue và bởi vì you have sầu any citations you can share? Thanks!

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Nov 29, 2018
I removed the name of your HOA. You can put it baông chồng in if you wish, but some of the BOD may not appreciate the name being out in public.Good luông chồng.

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