Wear down là gì

wear down

1. To become eroded, ground, or stripped down, as from exposure lớn some destructive element or force. The enamel on your teeth has worn down almost completely, which is why you"ve been experiencing so much pain when you eat và drink. The little chisel had worn down lớn a nub by the time he was finished digging.2. To erode, grind, or strip down something as a result of exposure khổng lồ some destructive element or force. A noun or pronoun can be used between "wear" & "down." Frequent travel along the route has worn down the vegetation khổng lồ a permanent footpath. So much use is beginning lớn wear down the engine—it could give out at any moment.3. To become exhausted, weakened, or fatigued by some action or force. I started wearing down from so much walking around the city. I think our horses are wearing down, so we should give them a rest.4. To cause someone or an animal lớn become exhausted, weakened, or fatigued. A noun or pronoun can be used between "wear" and "down." Carrying these heavy boxes up and down the stairs is wearing me down. I"m hoping a day running around the beach will wear the kids down a bit. Be sure not to wear the paông xã animals down, or we could kết thúc up stranded here.See also: down, wear

wear someone down


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Fig. khổng lồ exhaust someone. This hot weather wears me down. The steamy weather wore down the tourists and made them stay in their hotels. 2. Fig. to reduce someone khổng lồ submission or agreement by constant badgering. Finally they wore me down & I told them what they wanted khổng lồ know. The interrogation wore down the suspect.See also: down, wear

wear something down

to grind something away; khổng lồ erode something. The constant rubbing of the door wore the carpet down. The rubbing of the door wore down the carpet.See also: down, wear

wear down

Fig. khổng lồ break down with wear; khổng lồ erode. The steps had worn down so much that each one was curved và slanted dangerously.See also: down, wear

wear down

Diminish, weaken, or tire by relentless pressure, as in The heels of these shoes are quite worn down, or Her constant nagging about getting a new car wore down his resistance. See also: down, wear

wear down

v.1. To damage, diminish, erode, or consume something by long or hard use, attrition, or exposure: The weather wore the shingles down. The heavy crowds wore down the carpets. 2. To be gradually damaged, diminished, eroded, or consumed by long or hard use, attrition, or exposure: The water pipes have been in use for more than 100 years and are starting khổng lồ wear down.

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3. To fatigue, weary, or exhaust someone or something: The race wore me down. The new employee is wearing down my patience.4. To become fatigued, weary, or exhausted: I was beginning khổng lồ wear down, so I took a bus trang chính instead of walking.5. To cause someone to lớn submit by relentless pressure or resistance: By holding out, we finally wore them down. Management finally wore down the union, and the strike was ended.See also: down, wearSee also:

wear away|wear|wear down|wear off

v. 1. To remove or disappear little by little through use, time, or the action of weather. Time & weather have sầu worn off the name on the gravestone. The eraser has worn off my pencil. The grass has worn away from the path near the house. 2. To lessen; become less little by little. The people went home page as the excitement of the fire wore off. John could feel the pain again as the dentist"s medicine wore away. 3. To exhaust; tire out, win over or persuade by making tired. Mary wore her mother down by begging so that she let Mary go lớn the movies. Compare: DIE OUT.

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wear down

become dull or weak, use until worn Confinement in a prison began khổng lồ wear down his spirit.
wean off (of) (something) wean on wean on (something) weapon weapons of mass destruction wear wear (one) to a frazzle wear (one's particular profession's) hat wear (one's) apron high wear (one's) fingers to the bone wear (one's) heart on (one's) sleeve sầu wear (one's) years well wear (oneself) to a frazzle wear (oneself) khổng lồ a shadow wear (something) wear (something) as a badge of honor wear (something) on (one's) sleeve wear a different hat wear a wire wear và tear wear and tear on (something) wear another hat wear away wear away at wear away at (someone or something) wear down wear heart on sleeve wear in wear more than one hat wear motley wear nothing but a smile wear off wear off ) wear on wear one's heart on one's sleeve wear one's heart on one's sleeve, to wear out wear out (one's) welcome wear out one's welcome wear out one's welcome, to wear out welcome wear rose-colored glasses wear sackcloth & ashes wear several hats wear the wear the britches wear the bull's feather wear the cap & bells wear the green willow wear the horns wear the pants wax poetic way cool way out (away out) way out of line (away out of line) way lớn go way you hold your... WC weak kneed wear down wear off wear one wear out wear out one"s welcome wear out your welcome wear the pants wear the pants in one wear your heart on your sleeve
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