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organized tính từ gồm độc thân từ, gọn gàng, hữu hiệu được thu xếp, chuẩn bị gồm chân trong nghiệp đoàn (về công nhân)

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): organization, disorganization, reorganization, organizer, disorganize, organizational, organized, organize, disorganized, reorganize



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Từ điển Collocation

organized adj.

1 arranged/planned

VERBS be, seem

ADV. extremely, highly, strongly, very Although it doesn"t look lượt thích it, the whole thing is highly organized. | carefully, efficiently, properly, superbly, well | badly, poorly | minutely, neatly | rigidly, tightly | loosely, weakly a loosely organized confederacy of allies | specially a specially organized programme of sightseeing and shopping | centrally, locally, nationally | faintly | separately | independently, privately | formally Often there is no formally organized system of childcare. | traditionally | systematically | hierarchically, sequentially Each department is hierarchically organized. | socially

2 able lớn plan things well

VERBS be, seem | get You need lớn get organized.

ADV. extremely, highly, very | fairly

Từ điển WordNet


formed into lớn a structured or coherent wholemethodical và efficient in arrangement or function

how well organized she is

his life was almost too organized


English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

syn.: organised unionised unionizedorganizes|organized|organizingsyn.: arrange categorize classify establish group orient set up sort systematizeant.: disorganize

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