By the year 2050, it’s estimated that two-thirds of the population will be living in urban areas. As a result, city infrastructures will have sầu to change dramatically in order khổng lồ cope with demand.Thankfully, developments lượt thích artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT) & big data will lead to lớn smart cities. Cities that think and react lượt thích a human brain. Here are Innovate UK’s predictions for the future of the thành phố.

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A Revolutionised Transport Network

We’re already seeing autonomous vehicles being tested by institutes lượt thích the Future Cities Catapult.

By 2050, this tech is likely khổng lồ be the norm. Your journey will be spent catching up on work orentertainment. The everyday hassle of finding a parking space will no longer be an issue. Yourvehicle will drop you at your location và find its own optimised space.

So what about public transport?

Public transport is going khổng lồ be unrecognisable. The timetabled và scheduled services we have sầu in place today will become a thing of the past. Instead we’ll see driverless pods transporting passengers to và from their destination. We’ll hail these in the same way we order an Uber today. The driverless pods will be connected so only the most efficient pod will piông chồng you up. You won’t need khổng lồ make a physical payment for these either. Your fare will be automatically calculated upon boarding & leaving by IoT tech linking the pod to your preferred payment method.

The highly efficient transport network will lead khổng lồ lower car ownership figures. This, coupled with a switch to lớn renewable energy, will lead khổng lồ cleaner air and the creation of more open green spaces within cities.

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Smart & Sustainable Buildings

Public buildings are mix khổng lồ become smarter và aware of their surroundings. They will monitor data in a bid lớn constantly improve themselves. They’ll use this data to lớn run at optimum efficiency and also ensure each occupant is safe & comfortable.

Through the use of giải pháp công nghệ like solar windows, buildings will gather their own energy andbecome entirely self-sufficient. If they have sầu any energy left over, it’ll be offered to lớn vehicles in the local area to lớn ensure no one runs dry.

A New Kind of Shopping Experience

Augmented reality is likely to reshape our shopping experience. When shopping for clothing, we’ll be assigned an interactive mirror which shows what outfits would look like on us, they’ll let us customise items và even offer some intelligently selected alternatives. Stores will already know our kích cỡ, preferences & upcoming social calendar. They will make relevant suggestions based upon this.

The Place of USMART in the Smart City

The key to a future đô thị accessible and open lớn all is the need for shared data. USMART, the next generation sharing platform put forward by, offers just that. The simple, secure và scalable tool allows users from the public sector, private sector (including as well as developers) to unlock data and build smart communities. are is already working with organisations like the Future Cities Catapult on the development of smart cities, relevant policy- making, standard-setting & smart strategies. Find out more about USMART và how it can bolster cities of the future here.

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