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Return khổng lồ Liberty Range

The single cylinder which powers the Liberty 150 can get up to 12.9 hp (9.6 kW) at 7750 rpm & has a torque of 9.58 ft-lbs (13 Nm) at 5250 rpm. And, despite the power, it is extremely economical when it comes to lớn fuel consumption và harmful emissions, certified triệu Euro 4 by the anti-pollution compliance toàn thân.

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The driver of the Liberty 150can be sure of experiencing maximum comfort with the perfect seat-footwell-handlebar combination thanks to a seat height of 787 milimet, và a front shield which provides plenty of protection, even in rainy weather. The passenger is not forgotten either, with comfortable, solid fold-away footrests và a long, roomy seat.

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Nothing is left khổng lồ chance with the Liberty 150from the LED parking lights to lớn the instrument panel which cleverly mixes analogue and digital công nghệ where the large speedometer takes pride of place amongst the LCD multi-function panel. Two compartments create ample storage with a lockable glove box under the rear shield and a space able to easily hold a full-face helmet beneath the seat (accessible by simply pressing a button on the handlebar).

For those seeking something a little more powerful than the 125 cc version, developed Liberty 150. Whilst the look and xe đạp itself are identical to lớn its less powerful twin, what’s different is the fuel-injected single cylinder engine which, lượt thích the rest of the family, benefits from i-get (Italian Green Experience Technology) but delivers a punchy 12.9 hp (9.6 kW) at 7750 rpm và torque of 9.58 ft-lbs (13 Nm) at 5250 rpm. On the environmental side, it also stands up khổng lồ scrutiny, conforming with Euro 4 standards. On the aesthetics front, it has the same elegant look as the 125 cc & the large diameter tires (16” in front và 14” at the rear) which are such a key element in the thiết kế and are a perfect foil khổng lồ such distinctive sầu visual features as the vertical decorative element on the front shield. Last but not least, the Liberty 150offers plenty of space for luggage, shopping and the like with a glove box in the rear shield & an underseat compartment large enough to lớn hold a full-face helmet.